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Bhagavad-gītā 2.41 | November 22, 2014 |

English with தமிழ் Translation; Karumandurai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Promoting Gurukula in America

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Question: I have been teaching in ISKCON schools in the USA for the past 30 yrs. Some of these schools (in the past) had boys' ashrams, which I believe is a good thing provided there are qualified teachers. Most (if not all) of the present ISKCON schools in America are day schools. Do you think ashrams or gurukulas will ever be revived here in America in the near future? What can those of us who still believe in that system do to promote the idea?


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Question: Should devotees observe a full fast of abstaining from water on Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi? Some devotees, don’t go to bed on Ekadashi, they stay awake all night and as soon as the night is over, they go to sleep. What should our attitude be?… Expand>


Should devotees observe a full fast of abstaining from water on Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi? Some devotees, don’t go to bed on Ekadashi, they stay awake all night and as soon as the night is over, they go to sleep. What should our attitude be?

Answer by HH Bhakti Vikāsa Swami: 

Observing jagarana – staying awake at night on Ekādaśī is the proper way to observe Ekādaśī, or if you want to observe it fully as in sastra, one should do that. Actually, there are many rules to follow. One’s last meal before the Ekādaśī should be at midday on the day before - on the Daśamī; and that should also be a very simple meal, according to sastra. And we have our daily duties and services to do in Kṛṣṇa’s service, so if just we go to sleep after staying awake all night, then in the name of extra service, we are cutting down our regular service. It’s like some devotees chant 64 rounds a day, but then they miss maṅgala-ārati, or they’re chanting their rounds during maṅgala-ārati… You’re trying to do something extra, but you’re cutting down on some of the basics. So, what’s the benefit? It’s best to stick to the basic things that Śrīla Prabhupāda gave us. If you want to do something extra, that’s nice, but we shouldn’t promote as if: “This is the great thing!” Prabhupāda already gave us all that we need for going back to Godhead. So, if we can just follow the basic things - that’s more than most devotees are doing. We always have to do something different. Or do something to show that we are better than others because we are doing something different. If you don’t do what I’m doing, then you can’t go back to Godhead. I’ve discovered the great secret. I’m the messiah for the present age. Hare Kṛṣṇa. If you go out and distribute books all night - that would be more pleasing to Śrīla Prabhupāda than staying awake. And a lot of this staying awake, I see actually they’re half-asleep anyway. So-called staying awake.

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Stop Abusing Yourself

August 19, 2011 |

Question: How can a devotee, who has suffered mental trauma due to molestation by perverted elements within an asrama and negligence of superiors in the past, overcome his condition and fully engage in devotional service? What should he do if he has repeated fall downs due to depression? Can such a devotee progress in the previous association and how can he rid himself of ill-feeling against his superiors?


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Taking Sastras Literally and Inferring

June 28, 2012 |

Question: One sannyasi said that "we don't have to take sastras literally." He shows the example that Ravana doesn't have ten heads, "sastra tried to make a point that he was powerful." So, when should we have to take sastra literally and when do not?


Mystic Armor for This Age

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