Process of Conflict Resolution within Vaisnava Society

ASK BVKS | July 3, 2015 |

English; Colombo, Sri Lanka


There are many opinions and philosophical interpretations within Vaishnava society. What is the Vaishnava process of resolution of these conflicts? Should there be (i) a majoritarian democratic process involving the entire Vaishnava congregation, (ii) literal textual authoritarianism with strict enforcement and excommunication procedures, (iii) hegemony of those who have attained institutional positions due to experience and merit, (iv) a legal and philosophical disputation process, in which all sides submit their positions and the judgment is made by a body of judges appointed through consensus, (v) an internal dialogue process based on argumentation and compromises that makes everyone least upset, or (vi) let each faction thrive and only if the harmony is disturbed, punitive action be taken against the culprit?

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