Shall We Worship Lord Ganesha?

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In the Nectar of Devotion, Part 1 Chapter 8, {Offenses to be avoided} Srila Prabhupada writes and I qoute"One should begin the worship of Demigod Ganapati, who drives away all impediments in execution of devotional service.In the Brahma samhita, it is stated that Ganapati worships the lotus feet of Lord Nrsimhadeva,and in that way he has become auspicious for the devotees in clearing out all impediments. Therefore all devotees should worship Ganapati". Lord Sri Krishna has of course discouraged us from engaging in worship of demigods in the Bhagavad Gita. I presume that the contradiction may be explained from the example of the Gopis who engaged in the worship of Lord Shiva for purely devotional reasons.

But I have also heard in one of your lectures where you had not agreed with the tendency of some Iskcon temples in North America having the deity of Lord Ganesha in the altar. Also else where in a letter conversation also Srila Prabhupada disagreed with the idea of Lord Ganesh worship, asking his disciple to pay him a hefty amount before they want to do that? How do I resolve these apparent contradictions? Is it an acceptable tendency to allow demigod worship in our temples?

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