Material Difficulties, Sufferings and Failures for Devotees

ASK BVKS | August 29, 2011 |



1) Some devotees say that Reading Srimad Bhagavatam and Chanting Hare Krishna will award only spiritual benefits and will not remove any material difficulties that a devotee undergoes. Whereas some devotees say when Srimad Bhagavatam and Chanting Hare Krishna take you out of material world by giving Krishna Prema- why temporary material difficulties cannot be removed (if Krishna wishes). Please advise.

2) If someone utters the holy name for making fun of others his sins get washed away. If someone goes around Tulsi even sin like killing a brahmana can be removed. If someone pulls rath when Lord Jagannath is on the cart-all the sins are washed sway.If some one takes Lords remnants all the sins are washed away. Then why still devotees are suffering?

3) Many times we sincerely pray to guru, deities to remove anarthas, to award steadiness in Krishna consciousness, to protect us from all kinds of fall downs ( which happens again and again due to past conditioning) etc. Even we cry our heart out-but still results are not coming! How do we understand this?

Because of repeated failures we tend to think "may be it is not possible in this life" and frustration overcomes us.

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