Author: HH Bhakti Vikas Swami

  1. The advent of Krsna

    Simply by the advent of Krsna, the entire world became filled with all kinds of auspiciousness. Wherever there is no existence of the Supreme Lord, the path of argument is prominent and the path of disciplic succession is attacked. Sri Krsna, who enjoys variegated spiritual pastimes, is an ocean of nectarean mellows. Wherever a relationship […]
  2. Utilizing anarthas for Krsna

    People criticize us that “Why you are utilizing motorcar ? Why you are utilizing aeroplane?” But our tactic is we can utilize any so-called anartha in the service of Krsna. That is our tactics. That means you have created some anartha, but we can engage even this anartha in the service of Krsna and make […]
  3. Our inner desire

    In this material world, we are trying to be happy in the society, friendship and love. But the happiness we are getting, that is compared with a drop of water in the desert. Our heart desires real pleasure, transcendental bliss. We are hankering after Krsna. That is our inner desire. We are trying to get […]
  4. Becoming Krsna’s screw

    Unless we cooperate with the Supreme Lord, our life is baffled. I have given the example many times that a screw which has fallen from a machine has no value. But when the same screw is again attached to the machine, it has value. Similarly, we are part and parcel of God. So without God, […]