1. Cut the head of the Mayavadi

    Harikesa: [name of Mayavadi guru], when he lectures, he only lectures on the verses that are important. He says all the other ones, they're not really important. He picks out the ones that count.

    Prabhupada: So why don't you cut his head and say that "It is not important. You are talking nonsense. Cut your head." [laughter]

    Indian man: He don't give any commentary on verses, even important commentary. He speak all nonsense.

    Prabhupada: No, therefore you say, "This head is not required. You are talking nonsense," and cut his head.

    Aksayananda: No one knows what he's talking about anyway.

    Harikesa: Especially him.

    Aksayananda: Yes. No one can say. [break]

    Prabhupada: …become a problem for all these rascals, that we are presenting Bhagavad-gita as it is. That they are feeling, that "If this movement goes on, then we are all finished."

    Devotee (2): Out of work.

    Aksayananda: Their profession is at stake.

    Prabhupada: Yes, everyone. Yes.

    Morning Walk — December 10, 1975, Vrndavana