Dr. Radhakrishnan, Tagore, and others

    Posted on September 5, 2017

Dr. Radhakrishnan
Born: 5 September 1888, Thiruttani
Died: 17 April 1975

Prabhupada: Dr. Radhakrishnan was a good man, brahmana, but he was victimized by the Western culture. He got some money from Oxford University; therefore he took the Westerner as his father-mother. That is his qualification. Whatever the Westerners say, they will say, he will say, "Yes, this is science." Not only Dr. Radhakrishnan, all the big men of India, they thought like that.

Brahmananda: Tagore?

Prabhupada: Yes. Tagore also got his position because he got the Nobel Prize from Western world. Therefore he was so much obliged. All the big, big men, governors, etcetera, he would invite at his home. He was rich man, zamindar. Not very rich, but a descendant of rich.

Brahmananda: [to another devotee] Tagore. I went to his house. [break]

Prabhupada: ...became so enamored by the Western people that there is a song, yo kuteko baralad galikiya uska tengri laya uska mutton chop banaiya: "A dog, because he is killed by the governor, so we have made mutton chop out of it. Take it." [laughter] The dog became so exalted because he was killed by the viceroy. This is their philosophy.

(Morning Walk — June 23, 1975, Los Angeles)


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