Grhastha mahatmas

    Posted on July 16, 2015

Sadhu, they are generally on the renounced order of life, but there are other sadhus also, they may be not in renounced order, as grhastha, grhe tisthati, with wife and children. They are also sometimes mahatmas. That their symptoms is now being described: ye va mayise krta-sauhrdartha. Their life is not for material enjoyment. Their life is dedicated to make friendship with the Supreme Lord.

His only business is to keep friendship with Krsna, and for that purpose he can do anything.

When one becomes krsna tattva-vit, fully aware of the science of Krsna, then any circumstances, it doesn't matter whether he is a sannyasi or grhastha or sudra or brahmana, they are situated on the transcendental platform. So such persons described here, because the recommendation is mahat-seva. So it does not mean mahat is only to be found in..., among the sannyasis, or higher circle, brahmanas. No. Mahat can be found in other circle also, but what is the qualification? The qualification is, ye va mayise krta-sauhrdartha. His only business is to keep friendly relationship with Krsna. That is the first qualification.

So any grhastha whose only aim is how to keep friendship with Krsna, he is also mahat, mahatma.

He may be a grhastha, it does not matter, but he is interested with Krsna's business. Those who are interested with this body only, with them he has no interest. This is the sign.

And then what about his family? About earning money, na priti-yukta, he's not interested. Although he is at home, he is not interested at home. Therefore generally devotees, they become very reluctant in the interest of maintaining family, children, wife. Simply as far as possible, duty. So much interested, not any more. These are the signs. If you want to find out a
grhastha mahatma, then he has got his family, he has got his children, he has got his wife, he has got his business, he has got to meet so many other people -- but he's not at all interested. Simply behavior, official: "Yes, yes, it is all right. Yes, it is all right. What you say it is all right, but I am not interested." This is called disinterested.

So if you want to find out a mahatma within the society, not as a renounced sannyasi, then these are the symptoms. These are the general symptoms of a mahatma grhastha. He is not interested in this bodily concept of life, or maintaining very opulently his family members, or talking very seriously with persons who are simply materially interested, just to maintain this body. Of course, we require to maintain this body. He is not neglectful. There is no question of negligence. He takes care of his children, of his wife, everything -- but without any attachment. You give education to your children; that is required. You maintain your wife, that is also required -- no negligence, but no attachment at the same time. No attachment, that I shall sacrifice everything for my wife and children and home. That is not a mahatma's business, because he knows that he cannot improve the destiny.

We should try for advancing our Krsna consciousness. That is our main business.

(From Srila Prabhupada's lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.3 -- April 15, 1975, Hyderabad)


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