Indian traditional life and the terrible civilization

    Posted on October 18, 2015

Prabhupada: At the time of delivery the woman is in danger. There may be so many dangers. Therefore twice sada-bhaksana [a Vedic samskara, or ritual], at the period of seven months and perhaps in nine months. Whatever she likes, she should eat. So that ceremony, new cloth, very nicely dressed, taking bath, all the children – not only her children but other children also – very nice foodstuff made, and sit together, and with the children the mother will eat. And the brahmanas should be given some charity. They will chant Vedic hymns.

The same thing is being observed by Mother Yasoda. That was the samskara. Then utthana. Then anna-prasana, when the child is... So much care is taken for the children. And these rascals are killing children. They are civilized? To avoid botheration. What a terrible civilization. And they are claiming to be civilized. And before childbirth there is propaganda to kill. Sterilize.

Simply propaganda not to beget children. "Enjoy sex life." What is this horrible civilization?

A horrible position. People have lost their freedom, their culture, their spiritual life. Here [India] so much care is taken for children, and they are so opulent. They are fully opulent and spending money lavishly for the welfare of the child. And they [in the West] are spending money lavishly in the hotels, in the brothels, in slaughterhouse, the liquor shop, and kill. And this is going on as civilization.

Tamala Krsna: They don't understand at all how to be happy.

Prabhupada: Most uncivilized. Most uncivilized. I have described to you, "two-legged animals."


(Conversation -- June 17, 1977)


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