Sannyasis as gurus

    Posted on June 7, 2017

Simply travel and preach depending on Krsna for all material arrangements. Not worrying much about my bodily care, not worrying much about foodstuffs, not worrying much about my shelter. Simply worrying about how to preach, mad after preaching, reaching to as many people as possible, distributing literatures, travelling. Distributing prasadam, so many things.

This is parivrajakacarya because our sannyasis they can begin there and then there is paramahamsa stage. When one becomes a little advanced and purified by this process he can take some disciples. Like that, and help this family of the holy name grow all over the world. We must have spiritual children; in order to do that we must be potent and pure and we must push on this movement purely so that our offspring, our spiritual children will be strong and grow up to be better preachers and travel further than we. 

From Srila Prabhupada's lecture at the sannyasa initiation of Trivikrama Maharaja — July 27, 1971, New York


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