Talking about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Posted on July 1, 2017

Prabhupada: He has become a very big man. By killing chickens.

Siddha-svarupa: Yes. He actually is beginning to look like a chicken, his face. He's actually starting to look like a chicken.

Ambarisa: He claims he is a very religious man, too.

Prabhupada: This is the sample of religious man. And what is irreligious? [chuckles] If the religious men kill so many chickens daily, then what is the irreligious man do?

Siddha-svarupa: They're vegetarians. [laughs]

Prabhupada: He kills the chicken and fry it in oil. And that is sold.

Siddha-svarupa: Yes. Big money.

Ambarisa: He's also very involved in politics.

Prabhupada: Accha? He's a politician also?

Ambarisa: Yeah. At the Democratic convention he supplies all the politicians with unlimited fried chicken.

Morning Walk — June 11, 1975, Honolulu


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