Gita Govinda Devi Dasi (BVKS), Mayapur, India

    Posted on June 7, 2016

Dear Ladies,

The choice is yours. The modern society is going in the wrong direction at a very high speed, and those women who want to escape from degradation can escape by following the guidelines in this book. Women in the modern age especially need such guidance, because this is now not available to us from any other source. By imitating the Western and materialistic lifestyles, the degradation among Indians is now even worse than that among Western people. The result is social calamities like divorce, gang rapes, child abuse, abortion, murders, etc. To stop these things, or at least escape from them, we women should use our intelligence to read this book and implement the teachings in our lives and thus benef it ourselves and the society. I was about to be spoiled by so-called women’s education, career etc., but fortunately I escaped by following the instructions of my spiritual master, His Holiness Bhakti Vikāsa Swami, and by the guidance of my devotee husband. I am now living very peacefully by being a housewife and a mother to my son.


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