Hemalata Thakurani Devi Dasi (DDG)

    Posted on August 15, 2016

This book to me, as an older woman, looks very positive. These thoughts are very much need! It's really a big problem when women prefer their career and employment at the expense of their family and above all, their children. This attitude of women, when they are intolerant and feel superior to their husband whenever he stumbles or makes a mistake, is from my point of view de facto reason of family breakdown.

I welcome this book and totally agree with it. My husband grew up in the family where mother did not worked and took care of four children. Until all children turned independent, the whole family lived very modestly off one teacher salary. Yet one never had the feeling of something missing because the mother could feed all thanks to her culinary expertise, when she often conjured up an entire feast from very little. She was a gorgeous cook, a sort of "matriarch" but at the same time respected her husband and supported his position of breadwinner, although his teacher salary wasn’t very high. And even though their children received tiny pocket money, they never felt poor. All this happened when in other families mothers already had their employment and thus their family income came from both parents. And even though they had more money, they kept saving for various useless things and therefore their "advantage" of two salaries somehow dissipated.

My opinion is that such books are needed, especially among devotee married couples, if our movement wants the return of complete and functional families. False equality is nonsense. It’s really needed for women to return to their most important duties – bringing up children and the whole family care, including the husband. And that means in every situation. It can’t work otherwise. Someone must be the head and someone must cherish, support and care for that head – not to compete with it. In our family we have some relatives, husband and wife, who fight for domination and always argue, even in front of their own family. This is very frustrating for all and everyone prefers to run away from them.

So I wish you, young and full of vigor, many successes in promoting these ideas. This book really deserves it! And not to prohibit it, as I also somewhere learned about.

Your servant,
Hemalata Thakurani devi dasi (Czech Republic)
- Disciple of Danavira Dasa Goswami

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