Manavi Devi Dasi (BVKS), Zadar, Croatia

    Posted on June 7, 2016

An excellent, śāstric, educational and practical guide for all, but especially for souls in female bodies, who wish to know how to attain perfection in life by acting according to their conditioned natures.

By reading between the lines, we can perceive the author’s desire to protect us, and his sense of care, responsibility for the future generations of our society, and the mission of his beloved spiritual master.

Just by following the recommendations of Lord Kṛṣṇa, and our closest connection with Him, Śrīla Prabhupāda and his bona fide representative, we can develop the practices and manners of spiritual culture required for entering the eternal abode.

Of course, it also requires a great effort, sometimes a dose of bodily discomfort and the hardest of all, mind and sense control, as our goal is not cheap and temporary material so- called happiness.

Even this world of anxiety would be a much more pleasant place if we all lived in a way that Bhakti Vikāsa Mahārāja is directing us to.


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