Rethinking Darwin

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Publisher: Bhakti Vikas Trust Publication Year: 2017


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A Vedic Study of Darwinism and Intelligent Design is written for any lay scientist or general reader interested in Darwinism and its alternatives. Over the past few decades, advances in biochemistry have created an Intelligent Design opposition that maintains that the theory of evolution is beset with anomalies.
In Rethinking Darwin, Danish science writer Leif A. Jensen, in collaboration with leading Intelligent Design proponents such as Dr. Michael Behe, Dr. William Dembski, and Dr. Jonathan Wells, points out flaws in the Darwinian paradigm and examines the case for intelligent design. The argument for design is next expanded with further evidence from archeology, cosmology, and studies of consciousness. Finally, based on the irreducible nature of consciousness, the book suggests an alternative paradigm drawn from the Vedic texts of ancient India.
Contains several new illustrations by Origins magazine artist Rama-prasada Dasa.
Full Title Rethinking Darwin
Binding Paperback
Pages 272
ISBN 978-93-82109-33-4
Table of Contents
1 The Origin of Species
2 Survival of the Fakest
Jonathan Wells
3 The Fossil Record
4 What is Intelligent Design?
William A. Dembski
5 Convergence
6 Irreducible Complexity: Obstacle to Darwinian Evolution
Michael J. Behe
7 The Origin of Life
8 The Molecular Evidence
9 Human Origins and the Archeological Record
Michael A. Cremo
10 The Fine-tuned Universe
11 Consciousness, Near-death Experiences, and Reincarnation
12 The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural
13 Inspiration, Instinct, and Superconsciousness
14 The Vedic Paradigm
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