1. How to preach

    You have asked me for suggestions of what to say to different persons on Sankirtana Party, but there is no specific saying to any person. Whatever we say we say to everyone. It doesn't matter what is his age. Krishna Consciousness teaching does not depend on the age. It is the eternal platform of the soul. This is the meaning of transcendental; that is is beyond any consideration of material qualifications such as age or intelligence.
  2. Natural ambition of a girl

    Generally it is the ambition of a young girl to have a very handsome husband who is learned, clever, young and rich. According to the Vedic culture, one is rich if he possesses a large stock of food grain and a very large number of animals. Dhanyena dhanavan gavaya dhanavan: one is rich if he possesses food grain, cows and bulls. A girl also desires to have many children, especially sons (putra) who are very intelligent and long-lived.
  3. The goal: to be tied by spontaneous love

    Because of his development of transcendental attachment for the Supreme Lord, a surrendered soul feels the presence of his beloved everywhere, and all his senses are engaged in the loving service of the Lord. His eyes are engaged in seeing the beautiful couple Sri Radha and Krsna sitting on a decorated throne beneath a desire tree in the transcendental land of Vrndavana. His nose is engaged in smelling the spiritual aroma of the lotus feet of the Lord.
  4. Time wasting programs

    This is Vedic civilization, not to waste a single moment of life for useless attempt. That is Vedic civilization. Every moment should be utilized. Especially for the human being, it's so valuable. And they are finding out sporting, swimming and surfing — simply all programs of wasting time, especially in the Western countries.
  5. 2 + 2 = 5

    There is a story that a grocer's son was doing business, and when he was given a five-rupees' note, so he was giving four rupees. So the customer said, "Why you are giving me four rupees?" "No, I do not know what is the exchange." "No, it is six rupees." So "No, father will be angry." [laughter] Means he knows perfectly well what is five rupees, but he is innocent when he was giving four rupees.