1. No failure, but don’t aim to fail

    Even there is no loss by falling down from this path, that does not mean that we should neglect it. No. Formerly, in Medical College of Calcutta the students who failed in the final examination, they were given some title, L.M.S., "License in Medical, Medicine and Surgery," L.M.S. And those who passed, they were given the title M.D. or M.D.
  2. Kamsa was fully Krsna conscious

    Putana wanted to serve Krsna by feeding Krsna with her breast, but the purpose was the breast was poison, so Krsna would suck the milk and He would die. There is a different motive. But still, Krsna is so kind that He thought that "This rascal Putana, she wanted to kill Me, but she does not know that I am not a person to be killed, but still, although the motive was to kill Me, but she has served...
  3. Love is the basis

    ...always trying to render some service to the Lord. How? Priti-purvakam: "with love and faith." Not that "Oh, I have to do it? All right, let me do." No. "Oh, I have to do it? Let me do it nicely." Unless there is love, you cannot do it nicely, any matter. In the material world also, unless you have got some attachment for something, you cannot act it very nicely.
  4. Every man is hungry for spiritual happiness

    Every man is hungry for spiritual happiness. Therefore they are not satisfied. They are trying to gratify their senses in so many ways, but still they are not satisfied, because actually he is hungry. Just like this child crying. Mother is offering something, but he's still crying. That means he is asking something which the mother cannot understand.
  5. Materialism and bhakti — you can’t have both

    Krsna consciousness, or bhakti, devotional service, means to develop attachment for Krsna and in the same proportion develop detachment for material sense gratification. Two things cannot go on. Just like here is a glass containing water. If you want to put milk in this glass, then you have to throw away the water. If you think that "I shall keep half water, half milk," that can be done, but both of them becomes diluted or polluted. If you want...
  6. The bionic man

    avinasi tu tad viddhi yena sarvam idam tatam vinasam avyayasyasya na kascit kartum arhati [Bg. 2.17] Now Krsna is giving a practical way of understanding the presence of soul. He says, yena sarvam idam tatam: "One thing, which is spread all over the body, that is avinasi." That means immortal. So what is that which is spread all over the body? It is not the skin, not the... This is also spread over the body.
  7. If there was Vedic culture now, cow-killers would be killed

    Ksatriya means who gives protection the citizens from being hurt by the irreligious person. That is called ksatriya. Ksat. Ksat means injury, and tra means deliver. Just like Maharaja Pariksit. When he saw that a black man Kali was going to kill a cow, so he was going to inflict injury to the cow, and immediately Maharaja Pariksit took his sword, that to give protection to the cow from the injury of black man.
  8. Narottama dasa’s thunderburst

    The prayers of Narottama dasa Thakura. This sound is above the material platform. It is directly from the spiritual platform. And there is no need of understanding the language. It is just like a thunderburst. Everyone can hear the sound of thunder--there is no misunderstanding. Similarly, these songs are above the material platform, and they crack like thunder within your heart.
  9. Government encouraging people to become sudras

    Yesterday I was presented with a paper, Indian government scheme to help people starting small-scale industries, and government is ready to help. [aside:] You sit cross-legged, not like that. All of you. So a small industry, there are so many motor parts, so many other parts. About 200, 300 items, government is ready to help a small industry. But the government does not know or the leaders do not know that to engage people in such industrial affair means...
  10. How to stop millions of thieves

    In this Parasara-smrti it is said: ksatriyo hi praja raksan sastra, sastra-panih pradandayan. Sastra-pani means always with sword in the hand for the benefit of the prajas. He [the ksatriya] should be so strong. "Oh, you are a thief? You have stolen?" Immediately cut his hand, bas. This one example will stop millions of thieves not to commit stealing. Simply by cutting. Even a hundred years ago this system was prevalent in Kashmir.
  11. Sinful paradise

    Everyone is sinful. The government is sinful, the people are sinful. Then how you can become happy? It is a fool's paradise, sinful paradise. How you can be happy? Therefore despite all sorts of education, scientific improvement, brainwash and so many things, people are unhappy. Diseased, unhappy, dissatisfaction, confusion, this is going on. Because everything is not properly done. The government is not strict.
  12. Is the exterior clothing important?

    Guest: Is the exterior clothing important? Prabhupada: Yes, important. Just like officially the policeman must dress, but a policeman sometimes in ordinary cloth also, that's his duty. But that is special case. But external, external dress is also required. In the dress of a police if he is a thief, that is very dangerous. That is very dangerous.