1. The only real way we can minimize our problems

    When one gets tired of keeping a burden on his head, he will place it on his shoulder. This does not mean that he has become freed from the strains of carrying the burden. Similarly, human society in the name of civilization is creating one kind of trouble to avoid another kind of trouble. In contemporary civilization we see […]
  2. Gaudiya austerity

    We should not take very leniently that we are going back to Godhead. Of course, there is so many concession, but at the same time, we should be very much aware of the responsibility that we have decided to go back to Godhead after leaving this body, so we have to perform some austerities. The austerity in our Gaudiya-sampradaya […]
  3. Chanting Hare Krsna: no loss, all gain

    If you chant this Hare Krsna mantra, there is no loss for it, but there is great gain. This is the significance. We are distributing this Hare Krsna mantra not with any charges: free. We are chanting. Anyone can hear and repeat it. So there is no monetary loss, but if you chant it, then you have got the […]
  4. Bring them to life

    Life is Krsna consciousness. So if you actually feel for your country, for your community, for your people, just spread this Krsna consciousness. They’re dying. You spread this Krsna consciousness, they’ll come again to life, and everything will be actually beautiful. That is my request. I came to your country with this mission, that “The American people, they are feeling […]
  5. BTG: real substance, not tricks or commercial formulas

    Your idea for 5 different articles in BTG monthly is very nice. I like your “topical articles” also. Keep them simple and Krishna Conscious, avoiding too much bending to the public taste, but if they are appropriate to current problems, then it is nice proposal. Rayarama tried this too, but his style was not very appealing to me. Actually, […]
  6. Father’s responsibility

    If you can stop your children’s birth and death, then beget children. This is the sastric injunction. And if the father does not know how to stop his own birth and death, then what is the use of producing children? The father should be so sympathetic with the children, with the sons, that he must know what is the […]
  7. We are not independent

    Your President Kennedy was going in a procession, and the time came, and he had to leave everything at once, at once, without any hesitation. You cannot hesitate. So we are in the grip of the material nature. However we may declare ourself that we are independent, we are not independent. We are dependent, completely dependent. We may foolishly […]
  8. Philanthropic work: extended selfishness

    People are very much interested in welfare activities for the human society. So they think that by feeding poor men or giving cloth or opening hospitals, schools, colleges — “These things are required. What is the use of hearing about Krsna?” That is their opinion. But these welfare activities are extended selfishness. This word we learned from our Guru […]
  9. Our strength

    Our strength is in following the regulative principles and chanting sixteen rounds japa. Then Krsna will give you protection. Srila Prabhupada; letter to Visvadharini dasi 12th January, 1977
  10. First of all we must decide what we want

    First of all we must decide what we want. Whatever you want, you will have. Krsna is very kind. If you want to remain bound up by the laws of material nature within this material world. Krsna has got unlimited number of energies. So if we desire to become something unlimitedly, Krsna can supply you your necessities unlimitedly. […]
  11. No-compromise Prabhupada exposes Sai Baba

    If we say, then people will accuse us: “This man is criticizing everyone.” But I know that. I know that. All bogus humbug. Therefore I don’t make any compromise. You may come to me or not — I don’t care for it. But I cannot make any compromise with these bogus things. My movement is for Krsna. So […]