1. Guideline for preachers

    I don’t say, “Follow me.” I say, “Follow Krsna.” Krsna says, “Surrender unto Me.” I say, “Surrender unto Krsna.” Is there any difference? My position is simply repeating because Krsna says, “Anyone who preaches this confidential subject matter, he is My dear.” Srila Prabhupada, Discussion with Indians — January 18, 1971, Allahabad
  2. Interpretation

    Out of four main types of evidence — direct perception, hypothesis, historical reference and the Vedas — Vedic evidence is accepted as the foremost. If we want to interpret the Vedic version, we must imagine an interpretation according to what we want to do. First of all, we set forth such an interpretation as a […]
  3. Jesus Christ

    Who will not respect Jesus Christ? He sacrificed everything for God, even his life. So who is that rascal that he’ll not respect to Jesus Christ? What did he do wrong to the human society? He did everything for the good of the human society. Oh, I have got very, very great respect for Lord […]
  4. What to do if lacking enthusiasm

    If you are lacking enthusiasm, then you should rest, instead of making too much agitation within the mind. Something has dropped in the water, in the river, you cannot see the things dropped within the water by agitating the water. Just stand still for sometimes. As soon as the water is settled up, you’ll see […]
  5. Formula for world peace

    So all over the world. It is not only in India — all over the world. There cannot be peace unless you reform the whole social structure, and that can be done only by this movement, Krsna consciousness. Only by this movement. That’s a fact, and it is being done. From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on […]