1. Pure love in Vrndavana

    That is Vrndavana atmosphere. Everyone loves Krsna. Everyone is overwhelmed with love of Krsna. When they cannot find Krsna, they become mad. Although they do not know that Krsna… When they see some wonderful activities of Krsna, they think, “Some demigod might have come here. Otherwise, how this wonderful thing is possible?” So this is […]
  2. Chanting and remembering pastimes

    Regarding your first question, is it offensive to think of Krishna’s Pastimes while chanting, I think you should know that it is not offensive, but rather it is required. One must try for the point when he simply hears Krishna and immediately all of Krishna, His Pastimes, His Form, His Quality, are in his thoughts. […]
  3. Ph.D. rascal

    We say clearly, “If you are not Krsna conscious, you are rascal number one.” “No, I am M.A. Ph.D.” “Still, you are rascal.” That is our verdict. “We don’t care for your Ph.D. I know that you are a rascal because you do not know Krsna.” Just a few minutes before, one gentleman came to […]
  4. Logic and analogy

    I once spoke to a professor who said that Krsna consciousness appears to be a combination of logic and sastra. I asked Prabhupada about this and he replied to me as follows: “Concerning our use of analogy. We do not bring in imperfect analogy, but we follow the instructions of the sastra strictly. Our authority […]
  5. At the end of life

    When flying an airplane, one cannot take care of other planes. Everyone has to take care of his own plane, and if there is any danger, no other plane can help another in that condition. Similarly, at the end of life, when one has to go back home, back to Godhead, everyone has to take […]
  6. Family life and Krsna consciousness

    As for detachment from children, wife and home, it is not meant that one should have no feeling for these. They are natural objects of affection. But when they are not favorable to spiritual progress, then one should not be attached to them. The best process for making the home pleasant is Krsna consciousness. If […]
  7. Demons drilling oil

    The floating of the planets in the weightless air is due to the inner constitution of the globes, and the modernized drilling of the earth to exploit oil from within is a sort of disturbance by the modern demons and can result in a greatly harmful reaction to the floating condition of the earth. Srila […]
  8. The perfection of chanting

    So harer nama, not other name, only harer nama. Yatha harer nama-padair udahrtaih. “Simply once chanting.” Uttamasloka-gunopalambhakam. The purification of chanting harer nama [Cc Adi 17.21] means as soon as you chant the holy name of Krsna, immediately you will see the form of Krsna, you will realize the qualities of Krsna, you will immediately […]