1. Rectifying devotees rather than rejecting them

    Prabhupada: Now if they do not also obey the orders of the sannyasi, then naturally… But that thing should be brought to the notice of higher, or some official, president. Then steps should be taken, that “If you cannot follow the rules and regulations, then you must leave.” It is plain thing. There is no question of fighting. First thing is that a sannyasi, leader, they should behave themselves according to the rules and regulations, and then ask others to follow. The others who do not follow, once, twice excused; three times, “Please leave.” Like that.

    Syamasundara: If, if he follows strictly the principles, then he’ll be automatically respected.

    Acyutananda: Now I wanted to ask somebody to leave, but how does he leave? We have to buy him his ticket or something. There was a boy, one…

    Prabhupada: Leave means he can go to other center.

    Acyutananda: I wanted to ask him to leave, but where would he go? Who will pay for his way out?

    Prabhupada: Then one thing is, that this ultimate, we are canvassing, we are preaching to bring men. To get them out is not our business. That is not our business that, but if he is incorrigible, he is not…, then he must leave. That is… If you are making so much preaching, why, to bring men, not to ask them to go. If for some paltry reason you ask, that is not…

    Devotee: This was not a paltry reason.

    Prabhupada: When he is incorrigible. First of all you have to try to correct him and… That is preaching. Our preaching means that people are useless; we have to train them in such a way they may take to Krsna consciousness. That is our management. But if he is completely incorrigible, then he will be asked to leave. Otherwise it is not our business that as soon as we see something is being wrong… He must be trained, by our example, by our teaching, by our work. Santa yam cinvanti kutih[?]. By word, by example, he should be corrected. If I cannot correct him by my words and example, that is also my [indistinct]. Because they are…, they are…, you cannot expect that everyone has come here, sadhu. It is not that. We collect from ordinary men, but we have to make him sadhu. That is preaching. That is preaching. That you have to do tactfully. Not that because one is incorrigible… After trying all our ways, if he is still incorrigible, then you can ask. Not that for paltry reason he cannot be…, “Get out.” That “get out,” if you make, then everything has to be “get out.” That is not the policy. Policy is first of all to correct him. That is preaching. As far as possible by example, by teaching, by everything.

    Srila Prabhupada, Room Conversation with Sannyasis — March 15, 1974,