Author: HH Bhakti Vikas Swami

  1. Srila Prabhupada said, on Ramanavami 1974:

    There is no different between Rama and Krsna. Krsna is also param brahma, and Rama is also param brahma. We Vaisnava, we have equal faith and obeisances to all visnu-murtis, ramadi-murtisu, Rama, Nrsimha, Varaha, Narayana, Mahavisnu… There are advaitam acyutam anadim ananta-rupam [Bs 5.33]. But we Gaudiya Vaisnava or Madhva-Gaudiya Vaisnava, we are worshiper of […]
  2. Associating with Ramacandra

    Ramacandra’s life, God’s activities, pastimes, if we hear, that means we are associating with Ramacandra. There is no difference between His form, His name, His pastimes, and Himself. He’s absolute. Therefore either you chant the holy name of Rama or you see the statue of Rama or you talk of His pastimes, transcendental pastimes, everything, […]
  3. Rama-navami fasting

    Dr. Patel … raised the topic of fasting for Rama-navami, suggesting that one should fast throughout the night, until the following morning. A devotee volunteered that we fasted until sunset. Prabhupada agreed but added, “If one can continue until the next morning, that’s all right.” Later, I asked Prabhupada when we should actually break the […]
  4. Symptoms of an Aryan civilization

    The members of human society who strictly follow the principles of bhagavata-dharma and live according to the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead are called Aryans or arya. A civilization of Aryans who strictly follow the instructions of the Lord and never deviate from those instructions is perfect. Such civilized men do not discriminate […]
  5. Being a vegetarian is not enough

    It is wrong, however, to think that simply by becoming a vegetarian one can avoid transgressing the laws of nature. Vegetables also have life, and while it is nature’s law that one living being is meant to feed on another, for human beings the point is to recognize the Supreme Lord. Thus one should not […]
  6. Drugs will finish everything

    Drug is killing the whole Western nation. You will be spoiled, you will be finished with this drug habit. You are already finished. America is finished. They cannot do anything anymore. Neither industrialists nor big scholars, neither big fighter. Anything. Simply spoiled. The only shelter is this Krsna consciousness. Papi tapi yata chilo hariname uddharilo. […]
  7. Fake news

    Prabhupada: Bankim Babu, Bankim Chatterji, a famous novelist, wrote a book, one comic book. Trial is going on, so the witness charged the… First of all the judge charged that “I see you are witness in every case.” He was a professional. So, “You are speaking he is sixty years old for the last five […]
  8. Act properly and preach

    Our business is to raise ourselves to the highest status of life as preachers of Krsna’s message, and one should behave himself rigidly, then he should instruct others. Two things: Be himself exemplary, then teach others to be exemplary. If one has not come to that high standard, he cannot judge or criticize others. There […]
  9. Picking up real brahmanas

    The varnasrama-dharma is necessary. It is not a convention. It is not a convention, that “The Hindus or the Indians, they are our only brahmanas.” No. Here are also brahmanas. Because it is creation of God. God’s creation must be there. So now this Krsna consciousness movement is picking up who are the brahmanas. They […]
  10. Being a guru is not easy

    Krsna is so powerful that He can immediately take up all the sins of others and immediately make them right. But when a living entity plays the part on behalf of Krsna, he also takes the responsibility for the sinful activities of his devotees. Therefore to become a guru is not an easy task. He […]
  11. First class life

    If you become steady in one life without deviating for maya, then you make solution of all problems. That is the duty of human being . Instead of suffering this repeated birth and death, one life sacrifice. What is that sacrifice? What is inconvenience to live nicely, avoiding these four rascal habit, taking Krsna prasadam, […]