Author: HH Bhakti Vikas Swami

  1. Don’t blame Macaulay

    Dr. Patel: I think the greatest damage done to this civilization of Aryans of India was by Macaulay, who introduced the British system of education. Prabhupada: But why you accepted that? [laughter] Why you accepted? Then why don’t you accept? You should have refused. Dr. Patel: Well, we were not there to refuse. We came […]
  2. Reject this or that

    Either you have to reject Krsna’s word or you have to reject all this so-called scientific research. But we are pledged to Krsna consciousness. We cannot reject Krsna’s word. From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.35 – October 15, 1974, Mayapur
  3. Less than animalistic civilization

    These rascals should understand that they have created problem on account of their animalistic, less than animalistic civilization. There is no limit of sense gratification. The sense gratification, homosex, they are supporting. Just see. Just see. At least, in animal society there is no homosex. They have created homosex, and that is being passed by […]
  4. Who can be guru?

    One who has understood thoroughly Krsna as the supreme controller, he is guru. He is guru. Otherwise one cannot be guru. Yei krsna-tattva-vetta sei guru haya [Cc. Madhya 8.128]. Who can [be] guru? Guru is not artificial thing, “Guru Maharaja,” “this Maharaja…,” no. One who has firmly understood that Krsna is the original cause of […]
  5. People will become man-eaters

    Therefore, womanly connection, man and woman living together without marital connection, that is papa, sinful life. That is the injunction of the sastra. Similarly, striyah suna. Suna means unnecessarily killing the animals. Just like slaughterhouse. You cannot maintain slaughterhouse in the human society and at the same time you want peace. It is not possible. […]
  6. There cannot be equality

    Haihaya: The communists, they kicked us from the university in Mexico, because we would always defeat them in the philosophy. It is very easy to defeat communists with this philosophy. Prabhupada: Yes. We have to do. There may be opposition, but what can be done? We have to speak that “There cannot be equality sir. […]
  7. Do not associate with apasampradayas

    One who is in the line of disciplic succession cannot manufacture his own way of behavior. There are many so-called followers of the Vaisnava cult in the line of Caitanya Mahaprabhu who do not scrupulously follow the conclusions of the sastras, and therefore they are considered to be apa-sampradaya, which means “outside of the sampradaya.” […]