1. Srila Prabhupada’s face

    [From “Vrindaban Days: Memories of a Holy Indian Town,” by Hayagriva Dasa. Chapter Five, p. 44] Although seventy-six, Prabhupada seems as ageless as ever. His head is freshly shaved, and the aroma of mustard-seed oil tells me that he has just received a massage. His complexion is radiant, his eyes clear, his face full and healthy. This […]
  2. Krsna teaches the importance of cow protection

    Protection and grazing ground for the cows are among the essential needs for society and the welfare of people in general. The animal fat required for the human body can be well derived from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is very important for human energy, and the economic development of society depends on sufficient food grains, sufficient milk, and sufficient […]
  3. Marriage is necessary, and must be properly done

    Formerly marriage was a religious ceremony. Marriage was, this boy and this girl should be married, it is a religious function where the father and mother will see their horoscope and see if they are compatible, they will agree, they will live peacefully. So many things are there. Still, in India such things are calculated by the parents of […]
  4. The effect of association with pure unalloyed devotees

    What is the secret of hearing and chanting? A professional speaker cannot impress transcendental ecstasy within the hearts of the listeners. However, when a realized soul who is engaged in the service of the Lord is speaking, he has the potency to inject spiritual life within the audience. One should, therefore, seek the association of such pure, unalloyed […]
  5. Srila Prabhupada liked the old, traditional tune

    Everyone was excited: Prabhupada was about to arrive in Delhi. Many devotees awaited his arrival, including many ISKCON leaders, so rather than bicker over what aspect of the arrival I would help with, I let the others bargain. “I want to give a garland,” said one person. “You get his luggage,” said another. “I want […]
  6. Soft-hearted women and girls

    It is said that in the Vedas and in the Ramayana, only the activities of thep Lord are described. Everywhere in the Vedic literature, His glories are sung. As soon as soft-hearted people such as women hear those transcendental pastimes of Lord Krsna, they immediately become attracted to Him. Soft-hearted women and girls are therefore […]
  7. Why there are no good people in power

    Pusta Krsna: Why is it that in the modern day good people, they don’t come into public office? Good people. In previous ages there were rajarsis, great kings, very pious kings. Why is it that only rogues are aspiring today? Prabhupada: Because the democracy. You will not get vote. As soon as you become honest […]
  8. Krsna yoga

    So many engagements. Simply by making dress, we remain Krsna conscious. Simply by cooking, we remain Krsna conscious. Simply by cleansing the floor, we remain Krsna conscious. Easiest method. Everyone can remain Krsna conscious in any circumstance. Ahaituky apratihata [SB 1.2.6]. It is not condition that “You have to become like this; then you’ll become […]
  9. Success by disturbing your neighbor

    By chanting loudly you will also help your neighbor, who will hear you. And when he comes to complain, “Why you are disturbing?” then your mission is successful. That means he has heard. (Laughter) So you hear and let your neighbors also hear. Both benefit. That is the greatest benefit you can render to your […]
  10. All distresses are due to extravagance

    In the material world, all distresses are due to extravagance. One acquires money extravagantly and also spends it extravagantly. Such activities are sinful. All property belongs to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all living beings, who are sons of the Supreme Lord, have the right to use the Supreme Father’s property, but one cannot take […]