1. Why there are no good people in power

    Pusta Krsna: Why is it that in the modern day good people, they don’t come into public office? Good people. In previous ages there were rajarsis, great kings, very pious kings. Why is it that only rogues are aspiring today?

    Prabhupada: Because the democracy. You will not get vote. As soon as you become honest man in the public office, nobody will be obedient to you, and it will be impossible for him to execute any…

    The bank manager in Delhi — he was my friend — that “I am afraid of this union. If I press them to do something, they will immediately topsy-turvy the whole management.” The bank manager said. “So I am afraid of the workers’ union,” he told me. So therefore good men, they do not go to this political post because they know they will not be able to do anything good. He will be surrounded by all rogues. Nobody will execute his order.

    Pusta Krsna: So the future in Kali-yuga looks very bleak.

    Prabhupada: Very, very black.

    Morning Walk — October 17, 1975, Johannesburg