1. Being blessed by Srila Prabhupada

    Srila Prabhupada was like a loving affectionate father, who gave love millions of times greater than parents or friends or children or anyone else in this world -incomparable love and affection. And it was by that love and affection that I felt from Prabhupada that basically centered me in Krsna consciousness for my whole life. […]
  2. Very simple method

    Krsna realization begins from the tongue. How? Now you simply make it a vow, that “I shall not accept anything that is not offered to Krsna.” And you take another vow, that “I shall not talk anything except glorifying the Lord.” Then you become perfect. Very simple method. Simply you have to make this determination, […]
  3. You must be very, very busy

    We do not allow any lazy man. He must be engaged. That is Krsna consciousness movement. That is Krsna’s order. Niyatam kuru karma. Arjuna was refusing to fight. He was trying to be a nonviolent gentleman. Krsna did not allow him. “No, no, you cannot do that. That is your weakness.” Kutas tva kasmalam idam […]
  4. Advice to a suffering old man

    All our ailments are due to the external body. Although we have to suffer some time from bodily inconveniences specially in the old age, still if we are God conscious, we shall not feel the pangs. The best thing is therefore to Chant the holy Name of the Lord Constantly. From a letter by Srila […]
  5. Utilization of human life

    One who has got this body, material body, as human being, for him it is not good to work so hard like hogs and pigs and asses simply for sense gratification, kastan kaman. Why one should? You should be peaceful. You should be sober. You should think what is the value of life. And you […]
  6. The business of the preacher

    Prabhupada: That is the duty of the preacher, four things: isvare tad-adhinesu balisesu dvisatsu ca [SB 11.2.46]. The preacher should see four things. First of all isvara, the Supreme Person, God. So that vision must be there. He knows what is isvara, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then tad-adhinesu, those who have taken shelter […]
  7. Four classes

    There are four classes of men: lazy intelligent, busy intelligent, lazy fool and busy fool. [laughter] So first-class man is lazy intelligent. Just like you’ll see the high-court judges, they’re very lazy and most intelligent. That is first-class man. They are doing everything very soberly. And the next class: busy intelligent. Intelligence should be used […]