1. Save the children

    Modern civilization, not referring to the verdicts of Vedic literature, is so cruel to the members of human society that instead of teaching children to become brahmacaris, it teaches mothers to kill their children even in the womb, on the plea of curbing the increase of population. And if by chance a child is saved, he is educated only for sense gratification.
  2. Befriend it or beat it

    My mind is my friend when I can control it. It has been said that when we wake up and when we go to sleep, we should beat our minds a thousand times with a shoe. When the mind says things like, "Why sing 'Hare Krishna?' Why not take LSD?" we should beat it with the same shoe. However, if we always think of Krishna, no beating will be necessary. The mind will be our best friend
  3. British misrule of India

    Prabhupada: The Britishers, they wanted to rule over India, and they were advertising, at least in India, that "We are making you civilized. Before British rule, the Indians were rude, primitive natives." That's all. That is their propaganda. The whole propaganda was to make the Indians note that "We are giving you life and civilization. Before this, you were not even
  4. Sane living to not fall down

    A sane man, therefore, is always fearful of falling from his position. This is a regulative principle. One should not fall from his exalted position. The highest goal of life can be achieved as long as one's body is stout and strong. We should therefore live in such a way that we keep ourselves always healthy and strong in mind and intelligence so that we can
  5. The strong sex impulse

    A living entity is never satisfied with a woman unless he is trained in the system of brahmacarya. Generally a man's tendency is to enjoy many women, and even at the very end of life the sex impulse is so strong that even though one is very old he still wants to enjoy the company of young girls. Thus because of the strong sex impulse the living entity becomes more and more involved in this material world
  6. The basic principle of our movement

    As for increasing service to Krishna, Swami has asked me to say that this process of chanting, discussing the glories of the Lord, and the distribution of Prasadam is standard, and that this threefold method is the best means for spiritual progress, and the best service that you can offer to Krishna. The basic principle of our movement is to have people come, and chant, and eat, and discuss Krishna consciousness.
  7. Understanding Krsna to love Him more

    We have to understand Krsna in truth. Simply superficially if we understand Krsna, that "Krsna was born of the father and mother, Devaki and Vasudeva, and He was born in Mathura, and then played with the gopis. And then He taught something on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra," that is not sufficient knowledge. We should try to understand samagram, as far as possible in
  8. Why people are becoming atheists

    In the Bible there is the statement, "God created this universe." It is a fact. But because modern educated persons have not explained how God created, how the process of creation... These things are explained in the Bhagavata, how the sky became in existence, then the air became in existence, the fire became in existence. There is a process, general graduation.