1. Changing dress but not being serious

    Simply by changing dress, one does not improve unless he seriously takes the principles of devotional service. But in the Kali-yuga, they’ll think, “Because I have changed my dress, I have become a big sannyasi.” You see? “Because I have got a sacred thread, now I am a brahmana.” No. There must be regular training. […]
  2. Lord Rama and DMK

    (DMK is a Tamil political party — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dravida_Munnetra_Kazhagam) From a letter by Srila Prabhupada to Aksojananda — 4 Dec 1974: If you can convince the DMK party about the importance of Vaisnava philosophy, it will be a great triumph. The DMK party is unnecessarily antagonistic to Lord Ramachandra. Lord Ramachandra took action on the misdeeds […]
  3. Dedicate your life for Krsna

    Dedicate your life for Krsna. That is the perfection. Even there are some faults, even dedicated life is noble life. Maybe, due to our past habits, we may commit some faulty action, but that dedicated life is sublime. From Srila Prabhupada’s Morning Walk Conversation — March 4, 1974, Mayapura
  4. Kill the demons

    In this age, Kali-yuga, to kill the demons means to stop their demonic activities by the astra, kirtana, hari-sankirtana, which is spread by Lord Caitanya’s associates. From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Bhagavad-gita 7.2 — London, March 10, 1975
  5. Suffering is everywhere

    The sufferings are there, here or India or hell or heaven — anywhere within this material world there is suffering. But people are so foolish that simply having a nice motorcar or a skyscraper building, he thinks that “My all problems are solved.” He does not know that this life is a flash only. I […]
  6. No big or small service

    In the transcendental loving service of the Lord, it doesn’t matter whether we are working, cooking, painting, writing, chanting, or whatever, they are all the same. There are no such distinctions of higher and lower on the transcendental platform. The important thing is that we are engaging our time and energy in the service of […]
  7. Suicide is criminal

    Suicide is not justified. Suicide is not justified. It is violation of nature’s law. Nature gives you a certain type of body to live in it for certain days, and suicide means you go against the laws of nature, you untimely stop the duration of life. Therefore he becomes a criminal. Suicide is criminal even […]
  8. How to take Gita medicine

    If we want to take a particular medicine, then we have to follow the particular direction mentioned on the label of the medicine. Similarly, the Bhagavad-gita also should be taken or accepted as it is directed by the speaker Himself. The speaker of the Bhagavad-gita is Lord Sri Krsna. Srila Prabhupada; Introduction to Gitopanisad (Earliest […]
  9. Patience in Krsna consciousness

    A girl is married to a husband. She’s hankering after a child. So if she thinks that “Now I am married, I must have immediately a child.” Is it possible? Just have patience. You just become faithful wife, serve your husband, and let your love grown up and because you are husband and wife, it […]