1. Get many new devotees by public chanting

    You have to take sankirtana party. That should be the main business. At least sixteen men, four mrdangas. Practice mrdanga like that. And twelve cymbals, and one chanting and all others responding. Oh, it will be tremendous. Take some flags, "ISKCON, Hare Krsna" flag, red flag. And conchshell, mrdanga. Yes. Oh, you will get devotees. You just begin sankirtana party.
  2. Six kinds of people

    Srila Prabhupada said — There are basically six types of human beings: Those who see only the bad in someone else; those who see both good and bad in others and choose the bad; those who see a little bad in someone and choose to make it very big. These are three. Then there are those who see both good and bad and choose the good; then those who see only good in
  3. The benefit of modern education

    Prabhupada: Gurukrpa Maharaja, what is the benefit of this modern education? Gurukrpa: No benefit. It makes them an ass. Prabhupada: Making them demons, that's all. Gurukrpa: They become puffed-up, thinking they know something. They don't know anything. Prabhupada: Not only that, modern educated youths, they are not inclined to come to the farm. So they're giving up
  4. Vox populi, the defect of Western civilization

    The people may be asses, but still, their votes will be taken, the vox populi. The fourth-class, fifth-class men, and they are giving vote. And the mistake is detected. Just like this Nixon was voted, and the mistake was detected. But still, they follow the same process, vox populi. What is the value of the votes of the fourth-class, fifth-class men? Better one
  5. The unhappy story of life

    This body is temporary, but so long you have got this body, you have to suffer, this way or that way. So this is your real unhappiness, to get this material... Klesada. Klesada means always giving trouble. From the childhood they are crying. He has got some klesa. The mother cannot understand. He's crying. He cannot express what is his inconvenience, and he's feeling
  6. Busy, perplexed God

    Generally, in the material world everyone is necessity of gratifying his senses. So sometimes, under the cover of religiosity, they want to satisfy senses. Just like one goes to church or temple to mitigate some material necessities. Just like the Christians go to the church for meeting the problems of bread; similarly, the Hindus or the Muslim, everyone goes to
  7. These books are the life of human society

    These books are the life of human society. Others may be disturbed, but they cannot disturb this Srimad-Bhagavatam. Let any man come, but here they cannot touch. We are putting these books for deliberation before the topmost thinkers of human society. Therefore, I have to see that in all languages all of our books are published. If we strain, and if he takes one book
  8. Never be envious to Krsna and his devotee

    We should never be envious to Krsna and his devotee. If you think that "I will become... I am envious to the devotees, but I am not envious to Krsna," no, no, Krsna does not accept that kind of business. You... First of all, you should be nonenvious to the devotee. Mad-bhaktah pujabhyadhika. "If you are envious to My devotee and if you become a devotee, that is not."
  9. The perfection of a representative of Krsna

    Krsna and His representative, both of them are perfect because Krsna is perfect, there is no doubt, and one who speaks according to Krsna, he is also perfect. A human being or a living being is not expected to become as perfect as Krsna. That is not possible. Therefore, if a person sticks to the instruction of Krsna, does not make any addition and alteration, he is