1. The pleasure potency causes pain

    The pleasure potency is not painful to Krsna. But it is painful to us conditioned souls. It will give him pain, so many aftereffects. Sex life, even it is not illicit, still it is painful, aftereffects. You'll have to take care of the children. You have to bear children. That is painful. You have to pay to the hospital for delivery, then education, then doctor's bill
  2. Hopeless women want liberation

    Prabhupada: If father is rascal, the son is rascal. Therefore Bhagavata says that "If you are a rascal, don't become a father." Pita na sa syat, na mocayed ya samupeta-mrtyum [SB 5.5.18]. "If you are a rascal, don't become a mother." Stop population. They have therefore invented, "Yes, we shall become 'bachelor father,' 'bachelor daddy,'" not actual father but
  3. Servant of tea

    Devotee: He's asking why we shouldn't take tea. Prabhupada: Because intoxication. You become addicted. You are asking because you cannot give up tea. Therefore you are asking. Therefore it should be given up. You become servant of tea. [laughter] Otherwise there is no question of asking. His asking means you want to drink. That means he has become servant of tea. Our
  4. Snake-charming mantra and Maha-mantra

    One medical practitioner friend of mine, when he was student in Lucknow, he stated that there is a palace building, Chatar Mandir? Chatar Mandir, in Lucknow. There is some government office. So there were several snakebite cases; several men were killed by snakebite. So they could understand that "There is a venomous snake in this building. At opportunity he bites
  5. “Give us our daily bread” vs. feeding Krsna

    You can serve Krsna in any capacity — provided you want to serve. And if you want to engage Krsna for your service, that is blunder. Then it is blunder. You cannot engage Krsna to your service. The everyone is trying to engage Krsna for his service. They are going to the church, "O Krsna, give us our daily bread," that "You serve me. You give us our daily bread and
  6. Live-in relationship is for less than sudras

    They live as friend; that is sudra. There is no legal marriage, sudra and sudrani. Just like [Ajamila] was living with the sudrani — he was not married — as friend. So even sudra's marriage there is. For the sudra there is one asrama — that is grhastha asrama. And for the brahmanas, four asramas: brahmacari, grhastha, vanaprastha, sannyasa. This is for the brahmanas.
  7. Glories of Jiva Goswami

    Sri Jiva Gosvami, the nephew of Rupa Gosvami, in the learned circle, still, in Bengal, they say such a big scholar and philosophy, there was none, and nobody expects a similar philosopher and learned scholar in the future. He was such a big personality, Jiva Gosvami. Big, big Mayavadis, they were afraid of Jiva Gosvami's logic and argument to establish the Vaisnava