1. Hopeless women want liberation

    Prabhupada: If father is rascal, the son is rascal. Therefore Bhagavata says that "If you are a rascal, don't become a father." Pita na sa syat, na mocayed ya samupeta-mrtyum [SB 5.5.18]. "If you are a rascal, don't become a mother." Stop population. They have therefore invented, "Yes, we shall become 'bachelor father,' 'bachelor daddy,'" not actual father but "bachelor father." Here woman at least think nowadays that she must have a husband. In the Western countries they don't think. "No, there is no need of husband."

    They don't think there is need of husband. But they feel. That I know. I have seen one girl, she saw another friend, "Oh, she has got a husband," whispering. So I can understand that everyone aspires after husband, but there is no hope. Hopelessness. This is the position. Every woman wants a good husband, good home, good children, little ornaments, nice food. That is the ambition of every woman. But they are hopeless. Although they are well qualified, European, American girls, they are hopeless, not to get any husband, not to get any home. This is their position. I have studied thoroughly.

    Hopelessness. When we see in our association all these girls, they are so nicely, well qualified. Whatever they are taught, they immediately pick up.

    Kartikeya: In America they were asking my wife how Indian women are able to keep such devotion for their husbands. So they are actually very much interested and envious of this situation in India.

    Prabhupada: Yes, that is the nature. They want to be a faithful wife, but there is no husband. Where to become faithful?

    Harikesa: So then they want to become liberated.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Being hopeless repeatedly, now they want liberation.

    (Morning Walk — September 27, 1975, Ahmedabad)