1. Surrounded by Krsna atmosphere

    Somehow or other you have to engage your mind at the lotus feet of Krsna. Therefore so many paraphernalia how to engage your mind. Sravanam kirtanam visnoh: hearing about Krsna, chanting about Krsna, thinking of Krsna, worshiping Krsna, talking about Krsna, writing about Krsna, selling the books about Krsna, eating Krsna prasadam. In this way […]
  2. Quote from Madhvacarya

    There is no need to take shelter of unnecessary literature or concern oneself with many so-called philosophers and thinkers who are useless for spiritual advancement. Nor should one accept a disciple for the sake of fashion or popularity. One should be callous to these so-called sastras, neither opposing nor favoring them, and one should not […]
  3. This is devotion

    Krsna-bhakta doesn’t want anything. Krsna-bhakta even does not want Krsna even. He wants only Krsna’s service. That’s all. “Why I shall bother Krsna? Krsna is busy in His own business. Let Him dance with the gopis. I shall simply serve Him. That’s all. Why shall I want Krsna? Why shall I disturb Him?” This is […]
  4. Useless laws

    In the modern age of democracy there are so many government representatives voting for legislation. Every day they bring out a new law. But because these laws are only mental concoctions manufactured by inexperienced conditioned souls, they cannot give relief to human society. Srila Prabhupada; SB 4.20.15, Purport
  5. Danger and purity in marriage

    SB 3.31.42 A woman, therefore, should consider her husband, her house and her children to be the arrangement of the external energy of the Lord for her death, just as the sweet singing of the hunter is death for the deer. PURPORT In these instructions of Lord Kapiladeva it is explained that not only is […]
  6. Give in charity fifty percent

    Similarly, the family life, those who are… Yajna-dana. Dana means charity. A grhastha, those who are living in family life with wife and children, they are expected to give in charity as much as possible. That is also service. Suppose you are earning $1,000 in a month. So according to Vedic instruction, you should give […]
  7. The only way to please Krsna

    The Lord can be pleased only by a humble attitude in the service spirit. The more we render service unto the Lord under the direction of the spiritual master, the more we make advancement on the path approaching the Lord. We cannot demand any grace or mercy from the Lord because of our service rendered […]
  8. Contaminated invitations

    Caitanya Caritamrta Antya 6.279 TRANSLATION When one accepts an invitation from a person contaminated by the material mode of passion, the person who offers the food and the person who accepts it are both mentally contaminated. PURPORT Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura says that there are three varieties of invitations — those in the mode of goodness, […]