1. The flaw of materialistic philanthropy

    One who can understand that Krsna is the proprietor of all the three worlds and that He is the friend of everyone is peaceful and independent. As long as a conditioned soul does not have this knowledge, he wants to be the enjoyer of everything; he wants to become a humanitarian or philanthropist and open hospitals and schools for his fellow human beings. This is all
  2. Vaisyas also needed

    Cow protection is the business of the vaisyas and along with our preaching, this is the most important work. We must have a good section of brahmanas in our society and we must also have a good group of vaisyas who can grow grains and tend cows, and thus supply the society with food grains and milk products from the cow like ghee, curd, cream, etc
  3. At all risk you have to preach

    We have to give them intelligence, open their eyes. [break] ...angry first of all, because murkhayo 'padeso hi prakopaya na santaye: "If you give good intelligence to the fools and rascals, they will be angry." But still, you have to do it. Just like when Nityananda Prabhu went to Jagai-Madhai to deliver them, they became angry, and injured. So that is preacher. These
  4. Srila Prabhupada’s life and soul

    This book distribution is the most important task in our Society. Therefore I am giving so much stress and I am working so hard on this. Because this is my life and soul according to the order of my Guru Maharaja. And by his grace it is to some extent successful. And I took it seriously. I take it seriously still now. That is my life and soul
  5. Homosex, ruination

    Prabhupada: This homosex propaganda is another side of impotency. So that is natural. If you enjoy too much, then you become impotent. Brahmananda: They are trying to make that more and more accepted in America, homosex. Prabhupada: Yes. The churches accept. It is already law. Nitai: This women's liberation movement, the leaders are also homosexual. They're lesbians.
  6. Inside is freedom

    Giriraj Swami: One time as we were walking back from Juhu Beach, Dr. Patel noticed the compound wall that Mr. Sethi had built around the property on Srila Prabhupada’s instructions. So Dr. Patel told Srila Prabhupada that “People are saying now you have a prison inside there.” Prabhupada paused for a moment and said, “No, the prison is outside. Inside is freedom.”
  7. Lamentation means purification

    Narottama dasa Thakura is lamenting. He's not lamenting. He's representing ourself. If one comes to that point of lamentation, that is also very nice. He immediately becomes purified. Lamentation means purification. So he says, keno va achaya prana kichu bali... "Why I am living? I do not make association with the devotees. I do not take part in the sankirtana
  8. God got Toothache?!

    Mayavadis. They say kalpanaya. These Akhandananda and other Mayavadis, they explain Bhagavata-kalpanaya. They are making some imagination that "I am God," but they are alleging us, that "You are in illusion." God, as soon as there is some toothache, he goes to the doctor. He's such a rascal hypocrite. There was some heart attack going on, so Akhandananda, immediately
  9. How dictatorship can be good

    According to Vedic civilization, there was no such thing as democracy. It was monarchy, but the monarchy means the king was very highly spiritually advanced. The king was called rajarsi, means king, at the same time saintly person. We have got another example in our country — Gandhi. When he was political leader, he was practically dictator, but because he was a man
  10. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta — no compromise

    When my Guru Maharaja was present even big, big scholars were afraid to talk with His beginning students. My Guru Maharaja was called "Living Encyclopedia," he could talk with anyone on any subject. He was so learned — so we should be like that as far as possible. No compromise — Ramakrishna, avataras, yogis, everyone was enemy to Guru Maharaja — he never compromised