1. Marriage is necessary, and must be properly done

    Formerly marriage was a religious ceremony. Marriage was, this boy and this girl should be married, it is a religious function where the father and mother will see their horoscope and see if they are compatible, they will agree, they will live peacefully. So many things are there. Still, in India such things are calculated by the parents of the boy and the girl. Now, in this Kali-yuga, you see, dampatye abhirucir. Abhirucir means the boy and the girl, if he likes, if he says, that’s all. No other calculation. And then, after three days after marriage, they will divorce. [laughter] Because abhirucir, abhirucir: “I like, I don’t like,” that’s all. Now I like, and after three days don’t like, finished, business. In Chicago I saw a newspaper. One girl, within three weeks she has divorced two husbands. [laughter]

    Formerly the father, mother used to see that this boy and girl is going to be married. So by horoscope, by other circumstances, by family, cultural, by education, so many things, whether they will live peacefully. That was the understanding. Husband-wife means, a man requires a woman, a woman requires a man. They should be combined in such a way that they can live peacefully. If there is no disturbance of the mind, then they can make further progress in spiritual life. Therefore marriage is also necessary, and that must be properly done. Now there is no such consideration. The boys and girls are free, and if one likes the other…

    Srila Prabhupada — June 25, 1976, New Vrindavan