1. Love is the basis

    …always trying to render some service to the Lord. How? Priti-purvakam: "with love and faith." Not that "Oh, I have to do it? All right, let me do." No. "Oh, I have to do it? Let me do it nicely." Unless there is love, you cannot do it nicely, any matter. In the material world also, unless you have got some attachment for something, you cannot act it very nicely. Just like a musician. Because one has got a good attachment for music, he tries to perform it very perfectly. So love is the basis. Similarly, when you serve Krsna, if you have no love for Krsna, you cannot serve Him very nicely. And Krsna also does not accept your service if it is not done in great love and affection. That is the basic principle. Krsna does not require your service. He is self-sufficient. He has got many servants anywhere and everywhere. So Krsna does not require our service. It is our interest. If we render service to Krsna, then we become happy. That is the profit.

    >>> Ref. VedaBase => Bhagavad-gita 2.39 — London, September 12, 1973