1. Artificial scholars kill the guru

    I am also practically finding that if any of our students artificially try to become scholars by associating with unwanted persons they become victimized, for a little learning is dangerous, especially for the Westerners. I am practically seeing that as soon as they begin to learn a little sanskrit immediately they feel that they have become more than their guru and then the policy is kill guru and be killed himself.
  2. Simply by hearing

    One should be intelligent enough to understand or to hear katha of Krsna. Simply you have to do this. Just like you are all sitting here; it doesn't require that you have to pass M.A. examination, Ph.D. examination. God has given you the ear. Simply you sit down and hear from a realized person. The words are there, the message are there. Just like Srimad-Bhagavatam, Bhagavad-gita, especially. Everything is there to understand about God. Simply you have to
  3. Hospitals, schools — waste of time

    Hrdayananda: You're the only one, Prabhupada, who dares to criticize hospitals and schools. [laughter] Prabhupada: Yes. So many people came to request me... Even Dr. Ghosh. Eh? You know. Satsvarupa: He wanted you to open a medical dispensary. Prabhupada: "No, no, we are not going to waste our time in that way." I frankly told him. We have no extra time to waste like that. What he thinks very big project, we say it is waste of time.
  4. Qualification must be seen

    Translator: This gentleman says that real wisdom is not manifested by any exterior show, and that it is interior, and the real sage cannot be seen. Prabhupada: Cannot be seen? Then why you are taking education, taking degrees? Why you are appearing for examination in the university for degrees? It..., you cannot be seen? If you are actually
  5. Giving up family affairs

    A person who is trained in Krsna consciousness from childhood naturally becomes disinclined toward the material way of life, and at the age of fifty he gives it up. How does he start giving it up? The husband and wife leave home and travel together on pilgrimage. If from twenty-five to fifty one remains in family life, one should have some grown-up children. So at age fifty the husband entrusts the
  6. Everything Krsna

    In our Society, anyone who joins, that means he is interested in Krsna, little. May not be very much. At least, they come here out of inquisitiveness to hear what they speak about Krsna, what do they do about Krsna. But our..., everything is open. There is no secrecy. We worship Krsna, we think of Krsna, we work for Krsna, we glorify Krsna, we chant for Krsna, we dedicate our life for Krsna. There is no other business than...