1. Family life: you must be responsible

    Devotee: Srila Prabhupada, is it better for grhasthas to be self-supporting and living outside the temple? Like somebody working all day and following the regulative principles? Prabhupada: Temple is meant for rendering service to the Lord. So if anyone is rendering service to the Lord, he can live. But not for sense gratification. Those grhasthas who still have
  2. Krsna teaches the importance of protecting cows

    In this movement, our one program is to respect the cows. We chant this mantra, namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca. The brahminical culture and the cows... Why they have selected the cows? There are so many animals. Why cow protection is so important in Krsna consciousness? Why Krsna personally Himself became a cowherd boy and was taking the care of the cows
  3. The secret of surrendering to Krishna

    If there is some discrepancy anywhere, some non-cooperation, fighting, or if the work is slow or not to the standard, it is to be supposed that the person or persons in charge are not very much attached to Krishna. That means they will discriminate: my engagement is not good, other's engagement is good, like that. They do not know the secret of surrendering to
  4. Krsna enjoys with the gopis

    [The gopis said] "O dear friend of the distressed, kindly place Your hand on our burning breasts as well as on our heads, because we have surrendered unto You as Your eternal maidservants. If You think, however, that Your lotuslike palms might be burned to ashes if placed on our burning breasts, let us assure You that Your palms will feel pleasure instead of pain, as
  5. Vrndavana life

    In Vrndavana the cowherds boys, they are playing with Krsna on equal terms. They do not know Krsna is God. They simply know how to love Krsna, that's all. There is no need of thinking that "Krsna is greater than the other cowherds boy. They are living entities." There is no such sense. Krsna wants that. That is Goloka Vrndavana worship. Simply the center is Krsna, and
  6. Krsna’s most important pastimes

    Among Krsna's innumerable pastimes, however, the most important are His humanlike activities — frolicking in Vrndavana, dancing with the gopis, playing with the Pandavas on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra and playing in Mathura and Dvaraka. And His most important pastimes in the human form are those in which He appears as a cowherd boy, a newly grown youth who plays a
  7. The greatest offence; and staying only three days in Vrndavana

    Dhama aparadha. The greatest offence is to live in Vrndavana and have illicit sex. These things are prohibited, no illicit sex, no intoxication, no gambling, no meat-eating. So such function is most offensive in Vrndavana. In other places it may be excused but here it is the greatest offence. In Vrndavana dhama whatever you do the result is 100 times increased. If you
  8. Effects of mass book distribution – people eager for SP’s books

    Tamala Krsna: It's amazing to think, Srila Prabhupada, that ten years ago you were living in Radha-Damodara temple and just conceiving all of this. Now Krsna has arranged everything. You were sitting alone, having to draw your own water, doing your own typing. Everything you had to do yourself. And now, gradually, the whole world is coming to assist you in serving