1. Expert devotees, all working for Krsna

    Everyone should be expert. The leaders must be expert and the worker must be expert so that they may follow the instruction of the leader. If the leader says something and the workers, "Hm, I shall consider it, later on," then how will the leader execute his leadership? Both of them should be cooperating and know that "We are all working for Krsna
  2. Follow the sadhus — have tilaka and kanthi-mala

    You must see that what you are doing, that is according to the principle which all other sadhus and devotees do. They have tilaka, and you say, "I have no tilaka." That is not sadhu-marganugamanam [the path of following the sadhus]. They have kanthi. You say, "I can avoid it." That is not sadhu-marganugamanam. So from very beginning, if you disobey, then how you'll
  3. Drink milk & protect cows — not pigs and dogs

    Anyone can live only on milk. If you have got the opportunity to drink one pound milk maximum, not very much — half-pound is sufficient; suppose one pound — then you don't require any other foodstuff. Only this cow's milk will help you, it is so nice. And it gives very nice brain, not pig's brain. So it is so important thing. Other..., why Krsna says go-raksya? He did
  4. The psychology of divorce

    Generally the divorce case takes place because you cannot satisfy the wife by sex. That is the psychology. That is the only psychology. Ordinarily, women, unless they will be satisfied by sex, they will not be faithful wives. This is women's psychology. So most of the divorce case takes place because the man cannot satisfy the wife by sex. By inquiry you will find
  5. How long will it take to become a devotee?

    There is no difficulty to become a devotee. At once you can become a devotee, within a second. They ask sometimes, "How long will it take to become a devotee?" It will take one second. How? Vasudevokta-karinah. You simply accept that whatever Vasudeva says, you'll do. That's all. Vasudeva says so many things. Vasudeva says to Arjuna that "You fight." So if you accept
  6. “Take it easy” — “you do not understand what is spiritual life”

    Mahendra: Sometimes, although a devotee understands that he must take birth again if he is not strict, he thinks, "Oh, it is so difficult to be strict. Maybe I'll just take it easy and remain engaged in devotional service, then I'll take another birth as a devotee and maybe next time I'll finish up my business." Prabhupada: Yes. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita. He
  7. I belong to Krsna

    Narayana-parayana means my life is now dedicated for Narayana. Narayana, Krsna, Visnu, they're the same. So that is qualification, if you simply take it as vow that "From this day my life is dedicated to Narayana, Krsna." Sarvopadhi vinirmuktam tat paratvena nirmalam [Cc. Madhya 19.170]. As soon as we take this vow, that "From this day my life is dedicated to Krsna.
  8. Darwin’s theory in reverse

    No monkey is a meat-eater. How have you changed your habits if you are actual descendant from monkey? So how you have changed your habits in the matter of eating? Put some humorous question. What is the answer, that you are improved than the monkey? Well, you have not improved. You cannot jump like a monkey from one branch to another, so how you have improved? Simply