1. No explanation needed. Just protect cows!

    Because it is important, therefore Krsna said, krsi-go-raksya. Why go-raksya required, you do not require any explanation. Krsna said, go-raksya, “You must protect.” That’s all. That is Krsna conscious. Because we have no brain why Krsna — giving up all other animals — He is giving stress on go. And that is meaning. He never said […]
  2. Rascal, characterless degree-holders

    Animal civilization. This is not civilization. No tapasya, no brahmacari. Tapo divyam [SB 5.5.1]. And tapasya begins from brahmacari. Tapasa brahmacaryena samena [SB 6.1.13], to control. Brahmacari guru-grhe vasan dantah [SB 7.12.1]. How to control senses, that is the beginning of life. Not A-B-C-D learning and maybe your character may be less than an animal’s, and you have got a […]
  3. One must act very cautiously and sagaciously

    Jamadagni was certainly very powerful due to his austerities, but because of a slight offense by his poor wife, Renuka, he ordered that she be killed. This certainly was a sinful act, and therefore Jamadagni was killed by the sons of Kartaviryarjuna, as described herein. Lord Parasurama was also infected by sin because of killing Kartaviryarjuna, although this […]
  4. Independence Day

    Indians have taken to the path of self-destruction by aping the Western ways. They have discarded and desecrated their own culture and have become beggars at another’s door. They are now flying their flag of independence, but this is also a dispensation of maya. Factually, they cannot gain anything from it. From: Renunciation Through Wisdom by […]
  5. Krsna consciousness is for the strong

    It is not that the Krsna consciousness movement is for the lazy fellow. No. It is meant for the strong man: strong in body, strong in mind, strong in determination — everything strong — strong in brain. It is meant for them. Because we have to execute the highest goal of life .From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam […]
  6. Tangible meditation: book distribution

    Something tangible to be done. Not that this so-called meditation. Meditation will automatically be there. If you do, if you sacrifice your life for serving Krsna, you will always remember Krsna. You will always remember Krsna. Just like you are taking so much trouble, going place to place to give one book to somebody. Why? […]
  7. Unless behavior is proper, preaching will have no effect

    To make a show of devotional service will not help one. One must be a pure devotee following the devotional process; then one can convert others to devotional service. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu practiced devotional service and preached (apani acari’ bhakti karila pracara). If a preacher behaves properly in devotional service, he will be able to convert […]
  8. Krsna, if He does not like you, may refuse you

    So this individuality continues. Similarly Krsna, if He does not like you, He may refuse you Krsna consciousness. Not that because you are following all the rules and regulations, Krsna is obliged to accept you. No. If He thinks that “He’s nonsense; I cannot accept him,” He’ll reject you… From Srila Prabhupada’s lecture on BG 2.8-12, Los […]
  9. Short-cut to be quickly recognized by Krsna

    To be quickly recognized by Krsna, this is the short-cut process. He never says those who are sitting in a secluded place meditating or chanting, doing nothing, He never says that “They are My very dear devotees.” But those who are preaching — na ca tasman manusyesu kascin me [Bg. 18.69]. Just like government takes more care […]