1. Radha: greater and less than Krsna

    Have you found anyone who is greater than Krsna or equal to Krsna? No. We can find one greater — Radharani is greater than Krsna. (laughter) Yes. That is out of love. Actually, Radharani’s also lesser than Krsna. She’s dasi, maidservant. She’s always thinking how She shall be perfect dasi. Krsna sometimes makes Radharani greater than Him. That […]
  2. Effect of Krsna-katha

    Whenever pure topics of the transcendental world are discussed, the members of the audience forget all kinds of material hankerings, at least for the time being. Not only that, but they are no longer envious of one another, nor do they suffer from anxiety or fear. SB 4.30.35 text, Srila Prabhupada’s translation
  3. Who Krsna likes — and doesn’t like

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead becomes very dear to those devotees who have no material possessions but are fully happy in possessing the devotional service of the Lord. Indeed, the Lord relishes the devotional activities of such devotees. Those who are puffed up with material education, wealth, aristocracy and fruitive activity are very proud of possessing material things, and they […]
  4. Ganesa, Lord Siva, and rasa-lila

    While watching the rasa dance performed by Lord Krsna and the gopis, Lord Siva beheld the beautiful face of Krsna and immediately began to dance and beat upon his small dindima drum. While Lord Siva was dancing in ecstasy, his eldest son, Ganesa, joined him. From The Nectar of Devotion