1. Killing demons in Kali-yuga

    Because in the Kali-yuga they are so fallen, even they are demons, they are third-class, fourth-class demons. [laughter] [laughs] So they need not be killed. They are already killed. Their mode of life, their atmosphere, they are always dead. Just like we see so many demons. So what is there to kill them? They are already killed. They have no life. So this killing process in Kali-yuga is to kill their demonic propensities. And how to kill that demonic...
  2. No perfection at home, so live with devotees

    Don't think that at home you will be perfect. That is not possible. At home there is no such facilities. Here you will get the facilities. Here the devotees, they are actually following the instruction of mad-asrayah, one who has taken the shelter. They are rising early in the morning. And at home you will think, "Oh, what is early in the morning?" [laughter] "Let me enjoy sleep."
  3. Two kinds of brahmacari strictly practice celibacy

    The mind, like the flame, is susceptible to so many material desires that with the slightest agitation it will move. A little movement of the mind can change the whole consciousness. Therefore in India one seriously practicing yoga traditionally remained brahmacari, or celibate. There are two kinds of brahmacari: one is completely celibate and the other is grhastha-brahmacari, that is to say he has a wife, he does not associate with any other woman, and his relations with his...
  4. If God says “You become a dog”

    Reporter: Is this something where we can sort of experience death while we are still alive? Prabhupada: Alive, we have been given chance to understand God. But if you don't understand, then next life you become a dog. Reporter: A dog? Prabhupada: Yes. [laughter] Reporter: Why a dog? Prabhupada: Why not? [laughter] Suppose if God says that "You become a dog," can you check it?
  5. Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati: unalloyed servants & deceitful

    CB Antya-khanda 7.36 commentary The phrase ekanta-dasa, or unalloyed servants, refers to those who do not have and never will have separate interests. Many business-minded people with incomplete vision oppose the eternal master-servant relationship -- their service is hardly unalloyed. Their deceitful display of opportunistic service is a manifestation of cheating, not of pure devotional service.
  6. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta on langra mangos and Lord Caitanya’s mercy

    Krsna Himself, as Lord Caitanya, seeing the pitiable condition of the present day, is directly giving free love of Godhead. Yet because love of God is being given freely and so easily, people do not care for it. My spiritual master used to say that if you take a langra mango, which is a first-class, topmost quality mango in India, very costly, very sweet and very tasteful, and go from door to door and try to distribute it freely,...
  7. The trash of material contamination

    Material desires in the mind are the trash of material contamination. By such contamination, the living being is faced with so many compatible and incompatible things that discourage the very existence of spiritual identity. Birth after birth the conditioned soul is entrapped with so many pleasing and displeasing elements, which are all false and temporary. They accumulate due to our reactions to material desires, but when we get in touch with the transcendental Lord in His variegated energies by...