1. Prahlada says: be sane, associate with devotees, quickly perfect life

    By associating with persons for whom the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Mukunda, is the all in all, one can hear of His powerful activities and soon come to understand them. The activities of Mukunda are so potent that simply by hearing of them one immediately associates with the Lord. For a person who constantly and very eagerly hears narrations of the Lord's powerful activities, the Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead in the form of
  2. Desiring a million dollars

    Visal: Your Divine Grace, if a man desires a million dollars from Lord Krsna, besides his desire for a million dollars, doesn't he have to also deserve the million dollars? Prabhupada: Krsna does not want million dollars. Why Krsna will desire? You are desiring million dollars. What Krsna will
  3. The basic principle of Western civilization

    They don't accept any authority. Therefore they are changing Bible also, according to their whims. They don't accept authority. Therefore son goes out of home. This is the basic principle of Western civilization. They don't accept any authority. Everyone is his own authority. Now that contamination has come here. And nobody can be authority also, because if I accept somebody authority, he has not followed authority, so how he can be authority? Do you follow? Suppose if somebody
  4. Married 64 times

    In our country son-in-law is very much worshiped. "Worshiped" means flattered. Never divorce the daughter. Therefore, nobody should expect that we may speak something humorous about son-in-law in India. Formerly... It is still the system that the daughter must get married. That is the responsibility of the father. It is called kanya-dana. A father may not get his son married. That is not very great responsibility. But if there is a daughter, the father must see that she is...
  5. Where eyes don’t close

    So our eyes, we have got closing, eyelid closes. But Visnu's eyelids never closes. Therefore He is called animisa. Therefore gopis condemned Brahma, that "Why you have awarded us these nonsense eyelids? [laughter] It sometimes closes the eye; we cannot see Krsna." This is gopis' desire. They want to see Krsna always, without being disturbed by the eyelids. This is Krsna consciousness. The moment the eyes are being closed by the eyelids is intolerable by them. This is perfection...
  6. Give others the opportunity to read Srila Prabhupada’s books

    As far as studying my books is concerned, I have already given the order. One hour in the morning class and one hour in the evening and if there is extra time during the day it may be used for studying but we cannot expect everyone to be studious. If someone has desired to distribute books all day he may do this, but he must always follow the principles of rising early, chanting 16 rounds, etc. Just as some...
  7. How everything will come out very successfully

    It is not a matter of changing our engagement, adjusting this or that material condition, in order to find our real happiness. Krishna Consciousness is not like that. It is able to be performed under any variety of material conditions or with any type of engagement. ... It is a fallacy to say that my present engagement ... is not the best for my spiritual advancement, and if we think in this way we may go on trying out...
  8. Simple process to get Krsna within our grip

    Our process is very simple. Simply engage your tongue. Leave aside all other senses. The tongue is very strong. And tongue is our bitterest enemy, and tongue can be your most intimate friend, this tongue. Therefore the sastra says that sevonmukhe hi jihvadau: just engage your tongue in the service of the Lord, and He will be revealed. Very nice. Now what we do with the tongue?
  9. Kicked by Krsna

    Narottama dasa Thakura says, Narottama-dasa kaya na theliha ranga-paya: "Your lotus feet, You have got; don't neglect me or push away with Your lotus feet." I think if Krsna kicks and push away, that is our great fortune. If Krsna kicks with His lotus feet: "You go away," that is also a great fortune. What to speak of accepting? Just like when Krsna was kicking on the hood of the Kaliya. So the Kaliya's wives prayed, "My dear Sir, I do...
  10. Relief from the agonies of advancement of civilization

    Material advancement of civilization means advancement of the reactions of the threefold miseries due to celestial influence, earthly reactions and bodily or mental pains. By the celestial influence of the stars there are many calamities like excessive heat, cold, rains or no rains, and the aftereffects are famine, disease and epidemic. The aggregate result is agony of the body and the mind. Man-made material science cannot do anything to counteract these threefold miseries. They are