1. Varnasrama is essential

    It is essential that society be divided into four groups of men — brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras. Here we see that although Prahlada was perfect in every respect, he nonetheless followed the instructions of the brahmanas who performed the Vedic rituals. Therefore in society there must be a very intelligent class of leaders who are well versed in the Vedic
  2. No nonsense followers, just one moon

    I thank you very much for your appreciation of my disciples in New York and you will be glad to know that all my disciples in different centers are being so trained. The four principles of restriction, namely no illicit sex relations, no animal food, no intoxication, and no gambling, are acting on their character. Character building is the groundwork for seating Krsna
  3. Earholes always filled with Krsna-katha

    Pradyumna: "If the ear is not engaged in the service of the Lord by hearing about Him in the Bhagavad-gita or in the Srimad Bhagavatam, certainly the holes of the ear will be filled up with some rubbish." Prabhupada: Yes. This is the secret. We have got the ears, and we have got the sound also. Just like we are reading this book. So if we don't fill up our ears with
  4. Stick to Krsna and accept His words as it is

    What we are requesting you? "You think of Krsna. Chant Hare Krsna." That's all. Where is the difficulty? We don't say, "You think of that, this of that, to this demigod, that demigod." No. We don't say. What is the use of other demigod? We show all respect to everyone, even to the ant, but that does not mean that any demigod, any damn, any rascal, should be worshiped
  5. Kali-yuga: bribes, showbottle leaders

    Bhagavata says, anadhena nyaya ratim[?]: "If you have no money, then don't expect justice. Don't expect justice." Even high-court judges, they take bribe to give you favorable judgment. In India we have seen so many bribe. Police, you give bribe; high-court judge, you can give bribe. This is the position of Kali-yuga, horrible position. The king or the so-called
  6. What is your character?

    Woman devotee: If we have a desire to keep these promises, but we have a hard time to do it... Prabhupada: As soon as you fail to keep your promise, then you're fallen. You have to rectify yourself. Immediately you're fallen. Yah sastra-vidhim utsrjya vartate kama-karatah, na sa siddhim [Bg. 16.23]. That means you'll never get perfection. You'll fall down. You can
  7. Judge by action, not by promises

    “One cannot understand the value of touchstone until it turns iron into gold.” One should judge by action, not by promises. A maha-bhagavata can turn a living entity from abominable material life to the Lord's service. This is the test of a maha-bhagavata. From Srila Prabhupada's purport to Cc Madhya
  8. Why are there slaughterhouses?

    It is said here that the cows used to moisten the pasturing land with milk because their milk bags were fatty and the animals were joyful. Do they not require, therefore, proper protection for a joyful life by being fed with a sufficient quantity of grass in the field? Why should men kill cows for their selfish purposes? Why should man not be satisfied with grains
  9. Antidote to the stool-seeking civilization

    Searching out some means of food, exactly like the hog, he is loitering here and there, "Where is stool? Where is stool? Where is stool?" And this is going on in the polished way as civilization. There is so much risk, as running these cars so many people are dying. There is record, it is very dangerous. At least I feel as soon as I go to the street, it is dangerous
  10. Material Formulas

    In a memo, Prabhupada said to one devotee: "Your material formulas will not help you. Krsna consciousness means to become mad after Krsna and to follow the order of the spiritual master. Why have you missed this important point?" Quoted in BTG #29-05, 1995