1. Give up sin means fifty percent purified

    The four pillars of sinful life are these: illicit sex, meat-eating and intoxication and gambling. If we stop these voluntarily, this is called austerity, austerity, tapasya. Austerity means voluntarily accept some painful condition. So those who are habituated to all these things, namely illicit sex, meat-eating, intoxication and gambling, to give up these habits, it
  2. Chastise the sons and disciples just like tiger

    When child is sixteen years old he can do as he likes, not before that. lalayet panca varsani dasa varsani tadayet prapte tu sodase varse putram mitravad acaret This is the moral instruction of Canakya Pandita. Up to five years, don't chastise, don't take any action. Let him be free. Whatever he likes, he can do. Then after fifth year, for ten years you must be very
  3. Dissatisfied parents and businessmen

    The Krsna consciousness movement is teaching this higher knowledge of retiring from materialistic life to return to Godhead, but unfortunately many parents are not very satisfied with this movement. Aside from the parents of our students, many businessmen are also dissatisfied because we teach our students to abandon intoxication, meat-eating, illicit sex and
  4. Not preaching in Srila Prabhupada’s style

    Gurukrpa: That is what I think this disease is with the Siddha's group. They are looking for followers, and they do not preach in your style because they would not attract people. They are after followers, and they do not speak strongly, for then people would go away. That is their idea. They have created their own way to spread Krsna consciousness
  5. Srila Prabhupada’s awareness of the importance of agrarian culture

    Varsana Swami: Prabhupada went for a morning walk in Talavan [New Vrindavana]. Prabhupada came out in this open field, and as soon as he stepped out of the woods and onto the field he stopped and looked at the devotees. He had a serious concern in his countenance and he asked, “Why are these fields fallow and why aren’t there any men working these fields and where is