1. Srila Prabhupada’s fervent appeal

    I am fervently appealing to you all not to create fracture in the solid body of the Society. Please work conjointly, without any personal ambition. That will help the cause. It is the injunction of the Vedas that the Spiritual Master should not be treated as ordinary man even if sometimes the Spiritual Master behaves like ordinary man. It is the duty of the disciple
  2. Eat the guru

    First of all kill the guru. That is called guru-mara-vidya. Guru advised that you take food in goodness, sattvika. So he first of all advised that don't take fish, just like we are advising, meat, eggs, don't take. Then they thought that "The cow is very pure. Cow is very pure, so let us eat cow, sattvika." So when Guru Maharaja inquired that "You have given up
  3. Democracy, quasi-kings, and corruption

    In a monarchy, one man sufficiently trained was competent enough to conduct alone the business of the state. But in a democracy no one is trained like a prince; instead, politicians are voted to responsible posts of administration by diplomatic arrangements. In place of one king or supreme executive officer, in a democracy there are so many quasi-kings: the president
  4. The basic principle of Krsna consciousness

    Even in this material world we can have a little sense of love. How is this possible? It is due to the love which is found in the Godhead. Whatever we find within our experience within this conditional life is situated in the Supreme Lord, who is the ultimate source of everything. In our original relationship with the Supreme Lord there is real love, and that love is
  5. ISKCON, Ramakrishna Mission, and social work

    Dr. Copeland: And what is your relationship with, say, the Ramakrishna Mission? Prabhupada: Oh, we have no relation. We don't accept them as any authority. Dr. Copeland: Why not? Prabhupada: Because they are not doing according to sastra. They are doing whimsically. Dr. Copeland: But they are doing very good social work. Prabhupada: That social work has nothing to do
  6. Mahaprabhu, kartals and mridanga

    Chaturatma: One night there was a darshan with one musician. I never got the understanding whether this was a person coming to Krishna consciousness or this person was already a devotee. Anyway, this was someone who wanted to use his western rock and roll guitar style in service to Lord Chaitanya. Prabhupada was very adamant and the guy kept bringing the point up two
  7. Sannyasis as gurus

    Simply travel and preach depending on Krsna for all material arrangements. Not worrying much about my bodily care, not worrying much about foodstuffs, not worrying much about my shelter. Simply worrying about how to preach, mad after preaching, reaching to as many people as possible, distributing literatures, travelling. Distributing prasadam, so many things. This is