1. False happiness of Western civilzation

    Unless you become Krsna conscious, there is no question of [happiness]. This is a false happiness, that "If I get money, I'll be happy." That is false. So many men, they have got money. We see practically, the whole European civilization, American civilization, is based on this fundamental idea that "Let us have money and we shall be happy." And nobody is happy.
  2. Our philosophy, our education

    Our philosophy is that you produce your food anywhere. You stay, and keep cows, take milk, produce vegetable, food grains, and chant Hare Krsna. That's all. This is our philosophy. Make your life successful. By becoming Krsna conscious, you become free from all these troubles of material condition. This is our education. Don't be after these motorcars, television, and
  3. The hammer to immediately finish everything

    The blacksmith's method and the goldsmith's method. The goldsmith, he has got a small hammer — tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk,-tuk-tuk. And the blacksmith has a big hammer — dumh, finish. [laughter] So our is blacksmith method. We take the big hammer of bhakti-yoga and finish all, everything. You see? We won't have to undergo so many tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk. And there is no
  4. First become rich, then serve the poor

    Prabhupada: What is the use of your serving poor? Are you serving the poor? Why do you talk like that? First of all, are you serving the poor? Indian lady (5): Yes, sir. I am a doctor. And we see only poverty. So I want to ask. Prabhupada: This has become a slogan, "Serving the poor." Where is the sastra? Where in Bhagavad-gita it is said, "Serving the poor?" You are
  5. Discussing McDonald’s

    Siddha-svarupa: McDonald's, they are very proud. They announce how many hamburgers they have sold. They have branches everywhere in the world. Prabhupada: Hamburger means? Siddha-svarupa: Uh, that's beef. They kill the cows at an unbelievable rate, the number of cows they're killing for their meat. Manasvi: I think up to now they have sold 200,000,000 hamburgers, or
  6. Chant, dance, prasada to rectify serpents

    Devotee (3): How then can we advise them, Srila Prabhupada, if they are like serpents? How can we...? Prabhupada: You can advise only, "Chant Hare Krsna. Then everything will be all right," this one medicine. You can simply make plan how they will chant and take prasadam. Then everything all right. This simple method. Bring them: "Please come here, chant, dance and
  7. Read Srimad-Bhagavatam twenty-four hours

    Nityam bhagavata-sevaya: we have to read Srimad-Bhagavatam daily, and twenty-four hours. That is the injunction: nityam. Nityam means "always." So our members especially those who are inmates, they, and those who are becoming members, ordinary member or patron member, we are giving them books. Please read them carefully. Don't take books that "I am member. It is my
  8. Nice story about Sanatana Gosvami

    There is a nice story about Sanatana Gosvami, of whom we are now studying. Sanatana Gosvami and Rupa Gosvami, two brothers, they went to Vrndavana for devotional service. So their all business was... Rupa Gosvami, especially, he was always engaged in writing books. And when he was hungry, he went to some householder: "Give me a piece of bread." And everyone at