1. How the whole economic problem can be solved

    Actually as I have already discussed in my Srimad-Bhagavatam, for economic problem one requires a little land and a few cows. Then the whole economic problem is solved. We should utilize our time for elevating ourselves in Krishna Consciousness than for so-called economic development. If we are satisfied with plain living, with minimum time and the balance time is
  2. Srila Prabhupada as past and future guru

    Govinda dasi: Srila Prabhupada? So, our relationship with you as spiritual master has existed eternally in the past, or will exist eternally? Prabhupada: That don't bother with it. Go on, do with minimum. Past and present, you are present, the commentary is just carry out the orders, that's all. When you have accepted spiritual master, carry out, that's all. cakhu-dan
  3. Nitya-siddha, Srila Prabhupada

    There are many devotees who are eternal servants of the Lord. They are specifically known as nitya-siddha, eternally perfect. Although the nitya-siddhas appear in the material world and seem to be common members of the world, they never forget the Supreme Personality of Godhead in any condition. This is the symptom of a nitya-siddha. The nitya-siddha never forgets his
  4. Krsna comes, feeling pain for us

    This is the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, that you go and preach and make propaganda about krsna-upadesa. This is Krsna consciousness movement. We are teaching all our men how to spread krsna-upadesa, how to spread Krsna consciousness. Then anartha upasamam saksat. Then all the unwanted things he has contaminated will be finished. Then pure consciousness... Pure
  5. The Lord’s form

    The Lord's form is always youthful. Every limb and every part of His body is properly formed, free from defect. His eyes and lips are pinkish like the rising sun. He is always prepared to give shelter to the surrendered soul, and anyone so fortunate as to look upon Him feels all satisfaction. The Lord is always worthy to be the master of the surrendered soul, for He
  6. Why Krsna is called Paramesvara

    Krsna has many types of potencies, parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate svabhav... , because He has to execute so many affairs, this material world, spiritual world, and just imagine so big universe. There are innumerable universes, and in each and every universe there are so many planets, so many different kinds of living entities, and He has to manage everything
  7. All-knowing, all-powerful Krsna

    Sri Krsna, in His Paramatma feature, lives in the hearts of all living beings in both the transcendental and mundane creations. As the Paramatma, He witnesses all actions the living beings perform in all phases of time, namely past, present and future. Sri Krsna knows what the living beings have done for hundreds and thousands of past births, and He sees what they are