1. To farm devotees: stay, create Vrndavana

    The glaring attraction of city, that is maya. In the modern age people are more attracted by the city life, but we should know city life... Not for the devotee; generally, people in general, they like city life, but that is maya. Maya means "which is not fact." We are thinking that this way we shall be happy, but that is not fact. This is called maya. Ma-ya — "it is
  2. Performing Devotional Service in Karttika (1)

    One of the most important of these ceremonial functions is called Urja-vrata. Urja-vrata is observed in the month of Karttika (October-November); especially in Vrndavana, there is a specific program for temple worship of the Lord in His Damodara form. "Damodara" refers to Krsna's being bound with rope by His mother, Yasoda. It is said that just as Lord Damodara is
  3. Illicit sex leads to other sins

    As soon as there will be contamination of illicit sex life, he will be bereft of all good character, this basic principle. And the whole world is now encouraged in that way. So how we can expect good character from the modern man? If you indulge in illicit sex life and naturally other things, intoxication, gambling, then there will be no limit of expenditure. And to
  4. Maya’s atom bomb

    None of the scientific knowledge of the human being has solved the death problem. The advancement of material knowledge can simply accelerate the problem of dying; nobody can save a person from the cruel hands of death. The discovery of the atom bomb and similar other great inventions of the fertile brain of the scientist has simply increased the death problem. The
  5. If you do not understand, read again and again

    In my books the philosophy of Krsna consciousness is explained fully so if there is anything which you do not understand, then you simply have to read again and again. By reading daily the knowledge will be revealed to you and by this process your spiritual life will develop. Krsna consciousness is not a hackneyed thing but it is something which is our natural and
  6. Not A Single Human Being

    Prabhupada: Now, if you analyze the present human society, you will find there is not a single human being. All animals. All animals. Not a single human being. People do not know what is the aim of life. That is the difficulty. Visnujana: Yes. From childhood they are taught sense gratification. Prabhupada: That's all. They do not know that for sense gratification