1. The greatest scientist

    Krishna can change anything, therefore we worship Him as the greatest Scientist. If a man knows swimming he can stay up. So if this much power has a man, what to speak of God. So we see that Ramacandra has the art how to make stones float. It is a question of knowing the art. […]
  2. Piety in America

    I always said that “You are so much graced by God in so many ways.” At least, preliminary condition for being in touch with God is there. Because Krsna says, catur-vidha bhajante mam sukrtino ‘rjuna [Bg. 7.16]. So they are taking to Krsna consciousness. That means they are pious. And the result of sukrti, piety, […]
  3. More money, more anxiety

    “We shall improve our economic condition for more and more sense gratification.” And that is the mistake. People are trying for that. Kamasya nendriya-pritir jivo jiveta yavata [SB 1.2.10]. Yavad artha-prayojanam. Whatever money is required for maintaining, that’s all. And as soon as we increase the so-called standard of happiness by sense gratification, then there […]
  4. Why Haridasa Thakura is “namacarya”

    You will find mentioned in many Vedic scriptures that maha-mantra is especially recommended for understanding God in this Age of Kali Yuga, such as Agni Purana, Kali-Santaram Upanisad, Brhan Naradiya Puranam, and many others. Haridasa Thakura chanted 3 lakhs of names each day, that means 16 names in the mantra, 108×16 or 1,728 names in […]