1. Vrndavana life

    That is Vrndavana life: either in rasa dance or the cowherd’s play or killing the demons or in dining and dancing. The friends are eating, they are being stolen by Brahma — but the center is Krsna. That is Vrndavana. All activities are going on, just like in other place. But here in Vrndavana, all […]
  2. Vani and vapu seva

    There are two ways of association – by vani and by vapuh. Vani means words, and vapuh means physical presence. Physical presence is sometimes appreciable and sometimes not, but vani continues to exist eternally. Therefore we must take advantage of the vani, not the physical presence. From Srila Prabhupada’s Concluding Words to Cc Antya-lila
  3. Krsna’s invitation

    Krsna’s lila is nitya-lila. Just to attract us, that “You are fond of dancing. Why don’t you come back to Me and dance with Me? Why you are rotting in this rotting dance? You want association. You want sporting. Why don’t you come to Me and take part in My sporting with the cowherds boy?” […]
  4. A sadhu has no privacy

    Sadhu, those who are saintly person, for them there is no secret. There is no privacy. A sadhu has no privacy. In our ordinary social affairs, there is difference between private life and his public life. If somebody is a very good teacher — he can explain very nicely a subject matter — but his […]
  5. Six principles for sure success

    Enthusiasm means to take things very seriously, utsahad dhairyat, and patiently. Although we are determined to go back to home, back to Godhead, so we should patiently follow the rules and regulations. So these are the six principles: enthusiasm and firm determination and patience and executing the regulative principles, tat-tat-karma-pravartanat, and sato vrtteh, means behavior […]
  6. Living in Vrndavana

    “I shall make my family affairs very perfectly situated, then I shall take sannyasa.” “I shall give all my money to the family and I shall take some little money with me and I shall go to Vrndavana. I shall live there.” The adjustment is family, not adjustment how to go to Vrndavana. You will […]